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Health Tip: Improve Aging Skin

-- Aging skin, like death and taxes, is unavoidable. But you can slow down the process and keep your skin looking younger. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests how: Every day, even in winter, protect your skin by using sunscreen that is...

Health Tip: Protect Your Skin

-- Healthy skin habits can make you look younger and reduce your risk of skin cancer. While ointments, creams and eye serums can mask the effects of aging, nothing beats a good skin-care routine, the American Academy of Dermatology says. The academy...

Health Tip: Treating Rosacea

-- Rosacea is a common skin disease that causes a reddening of the skin, typically on the face. The disease may have differing symptoms, including sensitive skin or a thickening of the skin, resulting in a bumpy texture. The American Academy of...

Monitoring bacteria on whale skin

(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Just like with humans, the skin on marine mammals serves as an important line of defense against pathogens in their environment. A new study sheds light on the skin microbiome--a group of microorganisms that live on skin--in healthy humpback whales, which could aid in future efforts to monitor their health.

Researchers discover new source of skin defects in eczema

(National Jewish Health) Researchers at National Jewish Health have discovered a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema patients. A team led by Donald Leung, MD, PhD, has shown that an immune system skewed toward allergy alters the lipids in the skin. The altered lipids allow the skin to crack, water to leave and irritants to enter, setting the stage for eczematous lesions t...

Health Tip: Preventing Dry Skin

-- Dry skin affects a lot of people, particularly as seasons change. But the same care routine doesn't work for everyone in every type of weather. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests how to heal and prevent dry skin: Close the bathroom...

SkinBioTherapeutics to collaborate as industry partner in 'probiotic' skin research grant

The AIM-listed skin health company said the £600,000 grant would provide funding to investigate how ageing affects the skin and in particular, its microbiome

Race Can Affect Many Skin Conditions

MONDAY, June 25, 2018 -- Skin conditions are significantly impacted by your skin color, a dermatologist says. "Ethnicity and skin tone can make a big difference in terms of diagnosis and treatment options with a number of different skin conditions,"...

Health Matters: Want to reduce skin cancer risk? Follow the rules of sunscreen application. –

NBCNews.comHealth Matters: Want to reduce skin cancer risk? Follow the rules of sunscreen application.NBCNews.comProtecting your skin from the sun takes some effort, but it is well worth it to reduce the risk of both skin cancer and aging. Protecting yourself however, is a lot more than a few swipes of sunscreen when you happen to remember. Science shows regular ...Can you still tan wearing suncre...

Adult Health: Good skin care

Source: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and ResearchRelated MedlinePlus Pages: Skin Conditions

Medical News Today: What causes vaginal skin tags?

Skin tags are common, harmless skin growths. They can appear all over the body, including near the vagina. In this article, we examine the possible causes of vaginal skin tags and what can be done to remove them. We also look at how to tell the difference between skin tags and genital warts, and when to see a doctor.

Medical News Today: How should anal skin tags be removed?

A skin tag is a noncancerous growth of excess skin. Anal skin tags are typically small and may go unnoticed but can sometimes cause embarrassment or discomfort. We explore whether at-home removal techniques are safe for skin tags located around the anus. Also, learn about the risks and when to contact a doctor.

Medical News Today: What causes clammy skin?

Clammy skin is a widespread occurrence, particularly in people who sweat a lot. Clammy skin may occur periodically if a person is too warm, but someone with frequently clammy skin may have an underlying medical condition. In this article, learn about the causes of clammy skin, as well as the treatment options.

Parent cleansing paramount prior to skin-to-skin care

(Association for Professionals in Infection Control) Neonatal intensive care units increasingly encourage meaningful touch and skin-to-skin care -- aka 'kangaroo care' -- between parents and premature babies to aid the babies' development. But a Michigan children's hospital practicing skin-to-skin care noticed an unwanted side effect in 2016 -- a spike in Staphylococcus aureus (SA) infections amon...

Key protein involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression guides skin cell renewal

Approximately once a month, our skin completely renews itself. If this highly coordinated process goes awry, it can lead to a variety of skin diseases, ranging from skin cancer to psoriasis.

Health Tip: Prevent Skin Conditions in Athletes

-- Athletes, because they sweat routinely and often perform in hot conditions, are at higher risk of developing skin conditions, the American Academy of Dermatology says. The academy suggests how athletes can reduce their chances of acquiring a skin...

Medical News Today: Common skin bacteria may prevent skin cancer

A new study finds that a 'friendly' bacterium, commonly found on healthy human skin and called Staphylococcus epidermidis, may protect against skin cancer.

Medical News Today: How to manage thin skin

As a person ages, their skin naturally becomes thinner, less elastic, or papery. While there is no specific way to treat thin skin or to thicken the skin, a person can prevent skin from getting thinner by using retinol creams and avoiding risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and spending time in the sun.

Medical News Today: Which Fitzpatrick skin type are you?

Fitzpatrick skin typing is a way of classifying different types of skin. What does a person's Fitzpatrick skin type tell us about their skin?

New microbiopsy device could revolutionize testing for skin cancer, other diseases

With at least two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, monitoring moles and skin is vital in detecting skin cancer early for a generation of people who spent much of their upbringing in the sun (often with little to no protection).

New Treatment Could Be 'Breakthrough' for Vitiligo Skin Condition

MONDAY, Feb. 5, 2018 -- Doctors have discovered a combination of treatments that can return color to skin that has been lightened by vitiligo -- the skin disease that turned Michael Jackson's skin white. The new therapy includes the oral medication...

Genetics May Decide If Skin Tans

Does your skin tend to tan after basking in the sun? If not, blame it, in part, on your genes. A new study, released Tuesday in Nature Communications, found 10 new pigmentation genes that may determine whether skin ends up tanning or just turning bright red from too much sunlight. These findings could also help pinpoint those likely to develop skin cancer, which is often tied to sun exposure. ...

New Combination Treatment Could Be 'Breakthrough' for Vitiligo Skin Condition

MONDAY, Feb. 5, 2018 -- Doctors have discovered a combination of treatments that can return color to skin that has been lightened by vitiligo -- the skin disease that turned Michael Jackson's skin white. The new therapy includes the oral medication...

SkinBioTherapeutics files patent application for potential eczema treatment

The AIM-listed skin health company said the application covered the use of its SkinBiotix technology for increasing filaggrin levels in the skin


MatriSys is developing topical formulations of commensal bacteria to treat atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

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