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A balm-y cold season

In much the same way that sales of co

Tiger Woods and the Victorious Spirit

What are the five characteristics that have enabled Tiger to make his comeback? Medscape Orthopedics

Tiger tiger, fluorescing bright

Asian tiger mosquito on the move

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Scientists at the Goethe University and the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung have compared the ecological niches of the Asian tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito, both of which transmit infectious diseases, on various continents. The invasion time span plays an important role in their expansion and the Asian tiger mosquito has not yet arrived in a...

South Africa's Tiger Brands, RCL Foods shares fall over listeria scare

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Shares in South Africa's biggest consumer foods producer Tiger Brands and RCL Foods fell on Monday after the government linked a deadly listeria outbreak to cold meat products known as "polony" made by Tiger unit Enterprise F...

Rumble in the jungle: mother bear fights off Indian tiger

Tourists on a wildlife safari in central India were treated to a rare and vicious fight for survival between a sloth bear defending its young and a huge Bengal tiger. Akshay Kumar, who filmed the clash as he guided tourists through the reserve last week, said the tiger attacked the bear for a full five minutes before the mother slowly got the upper hand. "It went after the sloth bear, but she ke...

South Africa's Tiger Brands calls in experts to identify listeria cause

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African food producer Tiger Brands said on Friday it had appointed an expert team to identify the causes of a listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people in the past 14 months and which has been traced to one of its fa...

South Africa's Tiger Brands recalls products after listeria confirmed

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's biggest consumer foods maker, Tiger Brands, has recalled products produced by its Enterprise unit after the government traced the source of a listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people to its manufacturing fa...

South Africa's Tiger Brands closes Pretoria plant after listeria found

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Tiger Brands has closed its factory in Pretoria after listeria was detected at the plant as South Africa faces the worst global outbreak of the disease that has killed 180 people since January 2017.

First 3-D digital models reveal the development of the extinct Tasmanian tiger

(University of Melbourne) Researchers from Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne have CT scanned all 13 known Tasmanian tiger joey specimens to create 3-D digital models which have allowed them to study their skeletons and internal organs, and reconstruct their growth and development.

Endangered Sumatran tiger falls victim to brutal killing spree

A critically endangered Sumatran tiger was brutally killed in Indonesia on Sunday, the latest victim of a killing spree targeting near-extinct species that has alarmed conservationists. Police on Borneo island arrested at least two people in two separate incidents this year in which an orangutan had been decapitated and another had been shot more than 130 times with an air rifle.

Child left with tiger scar from henna tattoo on holiday – Metro

MetroChild left with tiger scar from henna tattoo on holidayMetroTwo boys could be left permanently scarred after their skin broke out into blisters from black henna tattoos. Nathaniel Hainsworth, 13, and Kane Archibald, seven, from Sunderland got temporary tattoos just before they flew home from their family ...and more

South Africa's Tiger Brands says detects listeria at Pretoria factory

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's Tiger Brands has closed its meat processing factory in the capital Pretoria after detecting the presence of listeria, it said on Monday. The bacteria has killed 180 people in 14 months in the worst global liste...

Tests confirm deadly listeria strain at South Africa's Tiger Brands' plant

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's Tiger Brands, which faces two class action lawsuits over a listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people, said results from an independent laboratory confirmed the presence of the deadly listeria strain in one o...

Listeria class action filed against South Africa's Tiger Brands

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A class action lawsuit was filed on Thursday against South Africa's Tiger Brands, one of whose food factories has been linked to a listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people since early 2017, the lawyer running the case sai...

Mexico authorities catch animal traffickers trying to mail a tiger cub

Mexican authorities have found a tiger cub in a plastic container, due to be express mailed to another address. The Office for Environmental Protection on Wednesday found the Bengal cub when a sniffer dog looking for contraband detected it in the plastic container, sedated. The cub was found in the package filled with newspaper clippings, in the western state of Jalisco, due to be shipped to an ...

South African rights lawyer plans listeria class action against Tiger Brands

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A human rights lawyer plans to launch a class action lawsuit against South African food producer Tiger Brands on behalf of the families of people who died and those affected by the worst listeria outbreak in history.

Rebels Refinery joins Target’s men’s grooming lineup

The nine-SKU line of natural products spans the personal care category from lip balm to shampoo, b

Unleashing biotech's crouching tiger

Dove targets dry skin relief, intros DermaSeries

Opinion: How to Disobey Your Tiger Parents, in 14 Easy Steps

As you rebel, you can retain your dignity — and theirs.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Will P&G buy the Pfizer consumer unit? China looks to boost generic production

Pfizer is in talks with Procter & Gamble on the sale of its consumer products business, which sells Chapstick lip balm, Advil pain reliever, and Centrum vitamins.

45-Minute Farm Standoff Ends When Cops Realize Tiger Is Stuffed

You don’t want to toy around with tigers, which is why police in Peterhead, Scotland, sprang into action Saturday night.

Green Spaces a Mental Balm for City Dwellers

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 -- A splash of green in an urban landscape can lift the spirits of city residents, a new study suggests. Researchers assessed the mental health of people who lived within a quarter-mile of vacant lots in Philadelphia before and...

Tiger and Bear Battle it Out Over Territory in Intense Video

The bear fought back to protect her cub.

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