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Zenith Energy U.S. Completes Acquisition of Arc Logistics Partners

Zenith U.S. has received a line of equity of up to $625 millionled by Warburg Pincus and Kelso, alongside management and other investors.  A Read more...


Zenith Ultra-500LM Laboratory Microscope

107,53 EURDate de fin: lundi janv.-8-2018 11:08:14 CETAchat immédiat pour seulement: 107,53 EURAchat immédiat | Ajouter à vos Affaires à suivre Biotech365 : Zenith Ultra-500LM Laboratory Microscope BioMarketplace You want to propose your products or a Biotech Company, a Biotech … Continue reading → Cet article Zenith Ultra-500LM Laboratory Microscope est apparu en premier sur ...

Zenith Prepared 100 Piece Microscope Slides Set. London

73,82 EURDate de fin: dimanche mars-25-2018 14:19:49 CESTAchat immédiat pour seulement: 73,82 EURAchat immédiat | Ajouter à vos Affaires à suivre Biotech365 : Zenith Prepared 100 Piece Microscope Slides Set. London BioMarketplace You want to propose your products or a … Continue reading → Cet article Zenith Prepared 100 Piece Microscope Slides Set. London est apparu en premier...

Erdogan says Turkey will 'thwart games' along its borders, start in Syria's Manbij

Turkey will "thwart games" along its border, starting with Syria's Manbij region, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, as the Turkish military entered the fifth day of its incursion into northern Syria's Afrin region. Speaking to local administrators in Ankara, Erdogan also called on international NGOs to support Turkey's operation against the U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG. "I have doubts of th...

Toilet Bowl Tuesday: A craptastic race to the bottom for misleading health news

Sunday’s Super Bowl supposedly represented the zenith of professional football: top players, in top form, playing at the top level. Anyone want to give me odds on any of the following news stories — which all showed up in our newsfeed before 9 AM today —  winning some sort of Toilet Bowl for health news? […]

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IC Leadership Rounds: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Once consigned to silos themselves, infection preventionists are increasingly out on the floors and inviting their administrators to join them in “leadership rounds.”

'It Is My Greatest Fear.' Superintendents Are Shutting Down School Districts Nationwide Over Shooting Threats

School administrators are trying to strike a difficult balance between protection and education

To reduce opioids, Colorado hospitals take part in innovative pain management pilot program

The method calls for coordination across providers, pharmacies, clinical staff and administrators. It introduces new procedures, for example, like using non-opioid patches for pain.

Onboarding of Staff Should Not Be Haphazard, Rushed Event

When surgery centers hire new staff, administrators should take time to provide a thorough orientation. Rushing through the onboarding process can lead to major headaches.

Anonymous Anti-Harassment App, STOPit, Enters 100th District in Texas and Adds Hundreds of New ...

With the click of a button in the STOPit app, students can anonymously share incidents of cyber-abuse with school administrators in real time – along Read more...

Turkish medical leaders are arrested after protesting against Syria incursion

The senior leadership of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) is either in detention or being hunted by police after authorities issued arrest warrants for 11 of its administrators including its...

Capitol Administrators, Inc. Identifies and Addresses Privacy Incident

On March 30, 2018, Capitol concluded its investigation of a suspected email phishing incident with the assistance of a leading cyber security firm. The Read more...

Dear hospital administrators: Please value your amazing nurses

In my travels up and down the East Coast, I have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic nurses. From what I hear, there was much more of an authoritarian relationship between doctors and nurses a few decades ago — preceding the time I entered the medical profession. This has now morphed into much […]

5 ways to build a relationship with hospital administrators

My desire to write this piece stems from my recent realization that I wasted a good part of my early career in medicine. While I was happily working in my pathology “bubble,” I was completely oblivious to the great untapped potential I had to affect change not just within, but also outside of, my department. […]

Therap's Software for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Providers offers HIPAA-Secure ...

Administrators can develop agency-specific document types within Document Storage to meet state and jurisdiction requirements and to manage reporting. Stored documents may be updated as Read more...

Hospitals Reduce Harm While Focusing on Fewer Metrics

Metrics can pile up until they become overwhelming to clinicians and administrators alike, with their usefulness lost in the process. The solution may be to strategically reduce the number of routinely reportable metrics to only those most appropriate and valuable.

Columbia’s dismissal of prominent neuroscientist prompts demand for answers

Columbia University students and postdoctoral fellows are urging administrators to specify why they closed a prominent neuroscientist's lab and ended his administrative positions.

ASCs Can Use the CMS Infection Control Checklist to Their Advantage

The ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet could serve as a good tool for ASC administrators to use when assessing their own infection control and prevention policies and procedures.

St. George's University Hosts First International Meeting of NIH Fogarty Program Administrators

TRUE BLUE, Grenada, May 7, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- This week, St. George'sUniversity will host a conference for the National Institutes of Health's Fogarty International Read more...

Graduate Student Unions Opt Out of Federal Recognition

Student workers seek voluntary recognition of their unions by university administrators out of concern that political appointees may deny their unions legal status.

Boot camp for Alzheimer's researchers to meet disease's victims proposed by Dr. ...

"Most Alzheimer's disease researchers and grant administrators have never personally spent even a few hours continuously with an Alzheimer's patient. They have textbook knowledge, but Read more...

How to Succeed at Succession Planning

ASC administrators might notice how difficult it is to fill perioperative nursing jobs. There are competing interests for bachelor’s degree nurses, and perioperative nursing has not been a priority in many schools. One researcher studying this issue has found that this is a problem throughout the surgery center nursing pipeline.

Paperless Productivity® Acquires WiseCLAIM, Expands Presence in Healthcare Claims Automation Niche

WiseCLAIM was developed in response to the continued prevalence of paper CMS claims forms among healthcare payers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and billing services. By automating Read more...

AHA: Cardiac Arrest Survivor Finds Her Rescuer 5 Years Later

TUESDAY, May 22, 2018 (American Heart Association) -- When Heidi Stewart's heart stopped at age 18 in her high school in Vancouver, Wash., quick-acting school administrators and teachers jumped into action, starting CPR. Taking turns, the principal...

Pets in nursing homes bring both benefits and risks

(Reuters Health) - Pets that visit nursing homes or live there with a resident can be a benefit to all, but administrators also need to consider possible risks like injuries and illness and develop policies to avoid them, researchers say.

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