What would be on a Christmas Wish List for researchers, doctors and patients this year?

06:18 EST 5 Dec 2012 | Anya de Iongh

The Advent calendars have already started counting down, but what would be the gifts we would all like, as researchers, clinicians or patients?
It seems patients in America will be wanting Primary Care Physicians, after recent statistics being published that suggest 52,000 more primary care doctors will be needed by 2025 – no small order! 
But patients will also be wanting more hospital Consultants too, following a report recommending that inpatients should be reviewed by a consultant once every24 hours and expect the same standard of treatment on every day of the week.
To ease their case-load in 2013, many clinicians will now be looking for improved discharge procedures and strategies to lower emergency admissions, since a report has blamed these two factors for filling up the NHS hospitals to ‘bursting point’. 
For researchers, the holy grail remains stem cells, and they will be hoping for breakthroughs with inducing pluripotency but quickly, since there is significant competition for the valuable opportunities in this area. Other areas of research will have developments with antibiotic resistance at the top of their lists, as the arms race against bacteria intensifies, and times becomes much more limited.
Merry Christmas!


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