BSN medical Introduces SoftFit(TM) Technology for Effective Management of Chronic Venous Disorders

20:00 EDT 1 Jun 2015 | Marketwired

CHARLOTTE, NC -- (Marketwired) -- 06/02/15 -- BSN medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, today announced the introduction of SoftFit™ technology to its JOBST® UltraSheer knee high stockings. SoftFit technology addresses the ongoing challenge of patient non-compliance in the management of chronic venous disorders (CVD) by combining the proven effectiveness of gradient compression with specialized silicone yarns for increased comfort.

Continuous compression therapy is essential in the management of CVD, as it significantly improves the venous return(1), thereby alleviating the symptoms of CVD such as skin changes and ulcers(2,3,4). Up to 80 percent of patients are not compliant(5,6) due to discomfort including constriction or poor-fitting stockings. Research(7) shows that the healthier a patient's experience, the greater the ongoing compliance, resulting in therapy that is significantly more effective.

"The primary mainstay for treating chronic venous diseases world wide is compression therapy," said Peter Pappas, M.D., past president of the American Venous Forum (AVF) and American Venous Forum Foundation (AVFF). "Despite the known benefits of compression therapy, patient compliance is variable due to difficulties associated with getting the stocking on, tolerating the degree of tightness and removing the stocking. BSN's SoftFit stocking employs breakthrough technology, which increases the ease of use for the patient. The soft lining at the top of the stocking provides unparalleled comfort and ease of placement and removal. This new technology will increase compliance and patient satisfaction."

BSN medical's SoftFit technology provides less compression to the popliteal area in order to emulate natural venous blood flow. It consists of a patent-pending, knitted-in silicone yarn in the top band to keep the stockings comfortably in place without constriction. Conventional compression stockings typically use a slightly higher pressure at the top band to help keep stockings in place above the natural "shelf" of the calf.

"As a market leader in therapy solutions for CVD, BSN medical is continuously working to provide scientifically proven solutions that address non-compliance, a serious problem in compression therapy, and improve patient outcomes," said Linda LaMagna, senior vice president, Wound Care Vascular, BSN medical. "Data from a patient acceptance test evaluating our JOBST UltraSheer knee high stockings with SoftFit technology against other leading premium compression brands reveals that 86 percent noted improvement in their symptoms, and 80 percent experienced an improvement in their quality of life. In addition, 97 percent of respondents wore their compression more than six hours a day, which is 41 percent more than the other tested knee high."

The JOBST UltraSheer knee high stockings with SoftFit technology are available in three compression class levels, designed for patients suffering from conditions ranging from simply tired, swollen legs, to chronic venous disorders.

About BSN medical
BSN medical is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market specializing in the areas of Wound Care and non-invasive Vascular solutions including Compression Therapy, and Orthopedics including Fracture Management and Soft Goods. The company is focused on the development of world-class branded products that offer high quality solutions for patients and caregivers alike. BSN medical has a global reach through its 35 international operating companies and its network of trusted partners in many markets. The company, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, has 5,500 employees worldwide.

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