Rhonda’s Kiss Benefit Raises $600,000 for Inner City Cancer Patients

20:00 EDT 20 Jul 2015 | Globe Newswire

CLEVELAND, July 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rhonda’s Kiss, a fundraising event recently hosted by Marc A. Stefanski and his children, and named for the Third Federal Chairman’s late wife, Rhonda, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in late 2014,  raised  $600,000 to help Cleveland residents with cancer who are unable to afford treatment and support. The July 10, 2015 event was attended by nearly 500 corporate, civic, healthcare and community leaders.

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Through The Marc A. and Rhonda L. Stefanski Foundation and in partnership with The Cleveland Clinic’s Community Outreach Program, proceeds from Rhonda’s Kiss will provide financial support to increase cancer screenings in urban communities, and to assist patients diagnosed with cancer who are in financial need, by using a three-pronged approach, integrating outreach (education, awareness and screening), navigation (medical and home) and patient services (treatment and financial assistance and emotional support).

“The event was such an inspiring and fitting tribute to Rhonda’s memory and legacy,” said Marc A. Stefanski. “It was also a night of healing for my children and me, enabling us to move forward as a family while never forgetting what Rhonda meant to us.

“We are thrilled to have raised so much money in our first year – funds that will directly benefit cancer patients who need it most. I am grateful to everyone who donated to such a worthy cause, and also made it such a fun and memorable evening.” 

The donation will be administered through Cleveland Clinic's Taussig Cancer Institute, which will screen patients' requests for non-medical funding needs. The Clinic will handle requests for funds and evaluate needs through its Community Outreach Program.

Those who wish to donate to Rhonda’s Kiss can do so throughout the year by visiting or calling 216-429-5402.

Contact: David Reavis         (216) 429-5036

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