Conversant Bio Offers Circulating Tumor DNA Blood Samples

20:00 EDT 26 Jul 2016 | Marketwired

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwired - July 27, 2016) - Conversant Bio, a global leader in supplying the highest-quality human tissue and viable cell samples, today announced it has partnered with cell stabilization leader Streck®
to offer circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) blood samples to cancer researchers.

Blood-based circulating tumor DNA, a type of biomarker used in liquid biopsies, holds promise to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment and, ultimately, improve patient health. However, several accuracy and sensitivity issues remain that must be addressed before liquid biopsies can make a significant clinical impact. Studies can be compromised by pre-analytical variables including sample collection, transportation, processing, and storage.

Currently, there is considerable variability among specimen providers and researchers about what collection methods are likely to yield a promising amount of circulating tumor DNA. To achieve the best possible research results, samples must be collected with best practices in mind to preserve the ctDNA, but previously, few, if any, specimen providers have developed their own collection and processing protocols. Conversant Bio will now lead the market in service and quality for researchers studying circulating tumor DNA. Its new protocol includes:

Conversant Bio is the first provider in the biospecimen industry to have a direct relationship with Streck and will now also be able to process specimens with a high-speed centrifuge.

Conversant Bio's exclusive clinical site network allows access to deep data that, when paired with the sample, will provide unmatched material for ctDNA research. In offering this new service, Conversant Bio is:

"The use of liquid biopsies as a clinical tool to screen, diagnose, and monitor cancers is beginning to play a vital role in improving patient health; however, there are still several accuracy and sensitivity issues that must be addressed before this approach can make a significant clinical impact," says Marshall Schreeder, CEO of Conversant Bio. "Conversant Bio is committed to controlling all of these pre-analyticals to give researchers the best chance of success with their pre-clinical research, because patients are waiting."

Conversant Bio is currently taking orders for circulating tumor DNA samples; contact for more information. To learn more about the company's other services, visit

About Conversant Bio
Conversant Bio provides researchers around the world with hyper-annotated tissue samples in order to conduct informed, cutting-edge investigations into many of today's most problematic diseases. With a large prospective collections network of more than 60 U.S.-based clinical sites and an IRB-reviewed chain of custody quality control system, Conversant Bio provides the highest-quality samples on time and on budget. For additional information about Conversant Bio's services, visit the company's website at

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