Innova Biosciences Introduces InnovaCoat GOLD-Carboxyl nanoparticles

09:40 EDT 27 Jul 2016 | Zyme Communications

Cambridge, UK, 25 July 2016: Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, today announced the launch of a carboxylated derivative of its unique InnovaCoat® GOLD 40 nm nanoparticles. The new product enables customers to quickly generate highly stable covalent gold-antibody conjugates at R&D and manufacturing scales.

The InnovaCoat GOLD-Carboxyl surface is optimized for single step EDC (1-Ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide) covalent coupling, without signs of aggregation, and eliminates the need for EDC/NHS (N-Hydroxysuccinimide) pre-activation and washing steps associated with traditional conjugations. The process is also significantly faster than standard methods, with conjugates ready to use in less than 35 minutes.

Anna Sereni, Team Leader of Particles at Innova Biosciences, commented: “The InnovaCoat GOLD-Carboxyl nanoparticles build upon Innova’s continuously expanding range of particle technologies, which also includes gold and latex conjugation kits, as well as pre-conjugated gold and colloidal gold. Innova’s broadening product range offers increased flexibility to those working within in-vitro diagnostics, as well as in other industries which utilize nanoparticle technologies.”

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