BSN medical's JOBST Relax Compression Garment Offers Lymphedema Patients Comfort and Style

20:00 EDT 18 Oct 2016 | Marketwired

CHARLOTTE, NC -- (Marketwired) -- 10/19/16 -- BSN medical, the global integrated medical therapy solutions provider, announced today the launch of JOBST® Relax, a custom-knit compression garment that redefines the nighttime management of lymphedema.

This new alternative to bandaging provides the containment lymphedema patients need in a sleek design that is clinically effective, while also aesthetically pleasing. JOBST Relax is designed to be worn during rest and relaxation, in addition to sleeping, giving patients the freedom to enjoy leisure activities while remaining compliant.

"The JOBST® Relax garment fulfills an unmet need of lymphedema patients," said Dr. Felix Dahm, executive vice president of Innovation and Strategic Development for BSN medical Group. "JOBST Relax adds a new modality to the therapeutic armamentarium for patients suffering from this chronic and often debilitating illness, delivering therapy benefits not achievable with any other product. Currently, nighttime compression needs are met through either a complex and laborious bandage wrapping process, or with bulky garments that can be uncomfortable to wear."

Lymphedema, a chronic condition that affects 3-5 million Americans(1), is swelling in one or more extremities resulting from impaired flow of the lymphatic system. In the U.S. and Western countries, lymphedema occurs most commonly as a complication of lymph node dissection for cancer treatment(2). Untreated or inadequately treated lymphedema is progressive, leading to complications, comorbidities, loss of function, disability, and in some cases, death. There is no known cure.

The revolutionary design of the JOBST Relax uses a new, innovative flat-knit, spacer fabric technology that provides consistent gradient compression. The low-profile material is flexible, thin, and encourages airflow. COOLMAX® yarns and advanced knitting techniques increase breathability to help keep patients cooler and more comfortable. In addition, the unique design encourages a micro-massage effect, which stimulates lymph flow, even while a patient is at rest.

"JOBST has always been the brand name associated with innovation in the management of venous and lymphatic disorders," said Todd Healy, president of North America for BSN medical. "The Relax garment carries on that tradition of innovation, changing the way therapists and patients think about the nighttime management of lymphedema. JOBST Relax is a technological leap forward that redefines what a night garment can, and should, be. We are enthusiastic about this product because it will bring tangible quality-of-life benefits to a large number of lymphedema patients."

BSN medical's full suite of compression garments and wraps including the JOBST Elvarex and Bella garments, which support multiple body parts; FarrowWrap®, a Velcro® wrap compression garment, and Jovi-Pak, a foam-chip nighttime management garment, all provide a variety of effective compression choices for caregivers and patients.

About BSN medical
BSN medical is a global leader in wound care & related vascular diseases, lymphology, and non-invasive orthopaedic products. Founded in 2001, the company currently employs a total of 6,000 and generated revenues of EUR 861 m (at actual rates) in 2015. The company aims to provide an integrated therapy-driven approach - grounded in a broad portfolio of products enhanced by insights into current therapeutic areas and complemented by a progressive approach to partnerships. Its well-known brands such as Leukoplast®, Cutimed®, JOBST®, Delta Cast®, Delta Lite® and Actimove® are among the most trusted in healthcare. With its comprehensive product portfolio, BSN medical addresses patients' needs in the most prevalent conditions in wound care and vascular diseases, and orthopedic therapies. More information: and

(1) Foldi M, Foldi E. Foldi's Textbook of Lymphology for Physicians and Lymphedema Therapists. Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby Elsevier; 2006. (2) Petrek JA, Heelan MC. Incidence of breast carcinoma-related lymphedema. Cancer 1998;83(12 Suppl American):2776-2781

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