DNAe announces opening of US facility, expansion of operations and launches product brand as it prepares for commercialization

05:11 EST 22 Feb 2017 | Instinctif Partners

  • New California-based clinical diagnostic development and manufacturing facility opened
  • Diagnostic platform named as LiDia™

London, UK and Carlsbad, CA, USA – 22 February 2017DNA Electronics (‘DNAe’), the inventors of semiconductor DNA sequencing technology and developers of a new, revolutionary blood-to-result test for bloodstream infections, announces the opening of its new US facility in preparation for commercializing its first product. DNAe also announces its new brand identity.

Expansion of US operations

Located in Carlsbad, California, DNAe’s new site expands its operations in the US and provides a specialized development and manufacturing base for its first product under the LiDia™ brand. The facility was officially opened by the Mayor of Carlsbad and Councilman Michael Schumacher with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 21st February 2017.

Housing 15,000 square feet of laboratories including specialized cleanrooms and 9,000 square feet of office space, the Carlsbad site currently employs 38 people following relocation from the Company’s previous facility in Albuquerque, NM, with recruitment still ongoing.
An area recognized globally as a hub for life sciences and technology, Carlsbad is an ideal location for DNAe as it grows its team and positions itself for commercialization. The Carlsbad facility will play a key role in integrating DNAe’s key technologies, namely high sensitivity sample processing and rapid DNA analysis.

The Carlsbad site provides DNAe with the capacity to complete final development and begin commercial manufacture of its first test for bloodstream infections.

Victor Esch, President and Chief Executive Officer, DNA Electronics Inc., based at the new Carlsbad facility said: “As we prepare to begin manufacturing our lead product, our new facility in Carlsbad enables us to tap into a wide pool of local talent and world class industry partners to support the next phase in our development. With these new facilities, and our strong and growing team, we are in an excellent position to make a game-changing impact in the infectious disease diagnostics space. Our first products will specifically address the huge global need for rapid diagnostics for sepsis.”

Matt Hall, Mayor of Carlsbad commented, “Carlsbad is home to an active scientific community and we welcome DNAe, and the opportunities and skills it brings to the area.”

Diagnostic platform name announced as LiDia™

DNAe’s diagnostic platform will be named LiDia™. Based on DNAe’s Genalysis® DNA analysis technology, LiDia™ uses a combination of novel approaches, including ultra-sensitive sample preparation and semiconductor-based DNA analysis all within a single cartridge. The first LiDia™ test will be for bloodstream infection offering a broad test panel, capable of identifying the most critical suspected pathogens associated with bloodstream infections, as well as key antibiotic resistance markers.

Referred to as a ‘national epidemic’ in the US, the human cost of sepsis is enormous: there are over 1 million cases in the US each year, and 28-50% of people with severe sepsis will die. A key factor is the speed at which a patient receives the appropriate antibiotics, with the chance of mortality increasing 8% every hour that a patient in septic shock does not receive the correct antibiotic for treating the causative organism.

The LiDia™ test for bloodstream infection operates directly from blood, delivering a clinically-relevant report for the physician. Unlike current blood culture based diagnostics which can take two to six days, LiDia™ will offer a ‘blood-to-result’ readout in just a few hours.
The introduction of the platform name is accompanied by a new website and brand identity for DNAe. The new website can be accessed at

Dr Steve Allen, CEO of DNAe Group commented, “The opening of our Carlsbad facility lays the foundation for the next phase of our story, as we commercialize our technology toward market introduction of LiDia™. We are excited to be able to deliver on the extensive research and testing that has propelled us from a spin-out of Imperial College London to a company focused on improving clinical practice and patients’ lives through near-to-patient, blood-to-result rapid diagnostics.”


DNAe is commercializing its pioneering semiconductor DNA sequencing technology for healthcare applications where rapid near-patient
live diagnostics is needed to provide actionable information to clinicians, saving lives by enabling the right treatment at the right time.
In January 2015 DNAe acquired nanoMR, Inc. (now DNA Electronics Inc.), a developer of a novel system for rapid isolation of rare cells in the bloodstream. DNAe is developing a complete sample to result genomic analysis platform combining DNA Electronics Inc.’s Pathogen Capture System with its own Genalysis® semiconductor DNA sequencing technology. Built into a compact device for use at the point of need, the system will diagnose accurately and rapidly what infection a patient has, providing the clinician with actionable information to help select the appropriate antibiotics to treat the disease.

DNAe’s initial focus is on infectious disease diagnostics, where speed and DNA-specific information can make the difference between life and death. Its LiDia™ range of tests will enable DNA analysis directly on a microchip, providing rapid and accurate results from a user-friendly system. LiDia™ can operate in a variety of hospital environments close to the point of need with flexible levels of throughput to match a wide range of clinical demands. LiDia™ launches with the LiDia™ Bloodstream Infection (BSI) test, a groundbreaking rapid direct-from-specimen test for bloodstream infections that lead to sepsis.

A private company, DNAe has strong financial backing from its investors, including major shareholder Genting Berhad, a Malaysian-based global investor with a growing portfolio of cutting–edge life sciences companies.

DNAe Dr Steve Allen, Chief Executive Officer Victor Esch, President and Chief Executive Officer, DNA Electronics Inc. Instinctif Partners (media relations) Sue Charles / Alex Bannister / Deborah Bell Tel: +44 (0)20 7036 2100 Tel: +44 (0)20 7457 2020 Email: NEXT ARTICLE

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