Renowned Film Producer, WV Advocacy Group Raise Awareness of Vaccine Safety with Revealing, Controversial Film Showing

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Charleston, WV, February 23, 2017 --( Renowned, Emmy Award-winning producer Del Bigtree will be in Charleston next Monday, February 27, for a showing of his controversial film, VAXXED, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, a documentary based on fraudulent vaccine study data revealed by a Center for Disease Control (CDC) scientist-whistleblower. The movie, which is open and free to the public, will be shown Monday evening, Feb. 27, at 7 pm, at La Belle Theater in South Charleston, with a Q&A session following. Bigtree will also meet with state legislators Monday and Tuesday to discuss vaccine safety and mandatory vaccinations in West Virginia. Bigtree will be joined by West Virginians for Health Freedom (WVHF), an advocacy group speaking out for exemptions from compulsory vaccination and the freedom to choose which vaccines to receive.

The film, VAXXED, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, details the findings of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who reported that the CDC omitted crucial data in their final report revealing the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine has been associated with an increased risk of autism. Members of the community, media, families, lawmakers, politicians, physicians and other health care workers are invited to attend.

Currently in West Virginia, the only way for a parent to opt out of vaccination for their children’s school attendance is to secure a medical exemption approved by a State Health Officer. Even if their physician recommends an exemption, an employee of the state makes the final decision. Parents who are against having vaccines given to their children because some contain aborted fetal cells or perhaps because they are philosophically opposed are forced to have their children vaccinated or to homeschool. WVHF seeks to work with legislators to loosen the restrictive mandate and provide the same freedoms nearly every other citizen in the United States enjoys.

"Higher vaccination rates do not necessarily mean better public health,” explained Dr. Alvin Moss, a member of WVHF. “Mississippi has the highest vaccination rate in the country and the worst public health. Colorado’s vaccination rate is among the lowest in the country, and that state is one of the healthiest. Japan has the lowest infant mortality in the world and the longest life expectancy. They give only a fraction of the vaccines given in West Virginia. Because vaccination is not a key determinant of public health, West Virginians should have the same freedom to decide about vaccinations as citizens in 47 other states in this country."

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Elizabeth Murphy, WVHF,, 865-803-2152

Del Bigtree Biography:
Del Bigtree has been an Emmy Award-winning producer on the daytime talk show THE DOCTORS for over six years. With a background both as a filmmaker and an investigative medical journalist, Del is best known for combining visually impactful imagery, raw emotional interviews and unbiased investigative research into stories that push the envelope of daytime television. When Del began investigating the story of the CDC Whistleblower and the fraud perpetrated by the CDC, he soon realized that he had stumbled upon a story of corruption and deception beyond any he had ever seen. Since then, Del has been traveling the nation, meeting with politicians and standing with parents in their fight to maintain our freedom of choice.

Contact Information:
Dr. Alvin Moss, 304-282-9342,

Schedule for Monday, February 27, 2017:

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Del Bigtree available for interviews
(or by appointment) State Capitol Building

6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Del Bigtree available for interviews
La Belle Theater

7:00 p.m. VAXXED, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, La Belle Theater

Q&A immediately following film

Del Bigtree will also be available following the Q&A for interviews

Contact: Elizabeth Murphy,, 865-803-2152

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Murphy
Contact via Email

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