Chronic Gum Disease Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

06:00 EST 23 Feb 2017 | PR Web

Los Angeles board-certified urologist Dr. Kia Michel of Comprehensive Urology discusses the possible association between periodontitis and ED.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2017

For decades, dentists have been strongly recommending that patients brush and floss daily to keep their teeth strong and healthy. A consistent dental hygiene routine also helps reduce the chances of chronic gum disease, or periodontitis, which is a common factor in adult tooth loss. However, since an article published on NetDoctor suggests a link between chronic gum disease and erectile dysfunction (ED), there appears to be another benefit to daily dental care for men.

“Although more research is needed to determine if indeed there is a connection, I find these results intriguing,” said Dr. Michel, expert urologist and founder of the renowned Los Angeles urology practice Comprehensive Urology. “Heart disease has been tied to periodontitis, which has also been found to be associated with an increased risk of overall inflammation throughout the body. From there, we know that chronic inflammation can lead to a hardening of the arteries and increase one’s risk of a stroke, which are factors that are also linked to ED.”

The study, conducted in association with China’s Guangzhou Medical University, was a review of data from five separate studies. The results from each study found that erectile dysfunction was more common in men with chronic gum disease. Interestingly, it was found to be more common in men under the age of 40 and over the age of 60.

“Diabetes has been linked with both ED and gum disease, yet even when you take that into consideration, the results showed that ED is more than twice as likely in men with gum disease than it is in men who don’t have the disease,” Dr. Michel said. “However, this doesn’t mean that men with gum disease should suddenly be anxious about their sex life or that men with ED should necessarily see their dentist. We still need to determine the extent of the connection because there are similar risk factors for both ED and chronic gum diseases, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and aging.”

Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages for a variety of reasons, be they physical or psychological. ED can adversely affect a man’s self-esteem as well as intimacy with his partner and should not be ignored. To learn more about this condition, including potential causes and treatment options, visit

“Though the study did have limitations, the results should be considered further, particularly in light of a 2013 study that found ED symptoms improved in men after undergoing treatment for gum disease,” added Dr. Michel. “Accordingly, it’s our duty as urologists to make our patients aware of this possible connection between chronic periodontitis and erectile dysfunction. In general, before getting any type of treatment, I recommend men with ED adjust their diets and lifestyles, such as losing weight, maintaining a balanced diet, quitting smoking, and reducing stress.”

Kia Michel, MD, earned his medical degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his residency at UCLA. He has also been recognized as a National Pfizer Scholar. As one of the founding members of the reputable Comprehensive Urology Medical Group, located in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Michel treats a host of urological diseases. One of the few urologists who is both an acclaimed vaginal reconstructive and minimally invasive surgeon, Dr. Michel is a compassionate doctor who has dedicated his career to providing state-of-the-art care for his patients with a warm, nurturing touch.

Comprehensive Urology is a renowned urological practice in Los Angeles that provides state of the art urological care in a personalized and compassionate environment. The physicians at Comprehensive Urology are board-certified urologists with specialty training in a number of different aspects of urology and provide tailored care for their patients with outstanding results.

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