FireflySci Helps Out New Labs with Cuvette Starter Kits

03:00 EST 28 Feb 2017 | PR Web

FireflySci has always had their focus on helping out small labs that don’t have the funds for expensive lab equipment. FFS has made it even easier for these new labs to be success with FFS’ affordable Cuvette Starter Kits.

Staten Island, NY (PRWEB) February 28, 2017

FireflySci is a small cuvette manufacturer that is making a big impact on the spectroscopy world. Starting out in late 2014, FFS had a mission to bring affordable and quality lab equipment to all labs big and small. Now in 2017 FFS has released another mega product that gives a lab everything needed to get started with using cuvettes.

There are an increasing amount of laboratories that are having issues with getting the proper funding for their experiments. This goes for both university labs as well as private labs. What is happening is these scientists have to cut corners in order to carry out their experiments. The results of this are that the data that is recorded from these experiments is not the best.

To solve this growing issue, FireflySci has been coming up with superb products that give labs the two things they need most: great quality and affordable pricing. The FFS Cuvette Starter Kit (CSK) gives these labs the much-needed tools that are required to get the absolute best results when using cuvettes. Combining the top-notch quality of FFS cuvettes with an amazing price tag, the FFS Cuvette Starter Kit delivers a knock-out punch to all overpriced cuvette products on the market.

FireflySci has packed many items into the Cuvette Starter Kit. When ordered, a scientist will receive two premium quality glass or quartz 10 mm spectrophotometer cuvettes. This is the core of the kit since the cuvette is what is used in the spectrophotometer and what will give researchers the best data.

The other items in the CSK are what is needed to take care of cuvettes to keep them working at 100% performance. Many people do not have the proper tools for maintaining cuvettes and cuvettes get dirty, contaminated, full of dust or fingerprints and these obstructions cause major issues for experiments. What FFS has done in response to this is provide their exclusive Cuvette Washer kit as part of the CSK package. The Cuvette Washer is like owning a dishwasher, except for cuvettes. It has a powerful jet spray that blasts the cuvette clean.

In addition to the Cuvette Washer, FFS also includes one hundred transfer pipettes for the easy transferring of samples into the small openings of the cuvettes. Using a transfer pipette has the advantage of no dangerous chemicals accidentally spilling, as opposed to pouring out a sample from a beaker, which it is easy to spill chemicals.

FFS is already receiving orders for these amazing cuvette kits and they are gearing up for the rest of 2017 when they plan to see a huge increase in sales of these kits.

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