MONQ® is the Personal Aromatherapy Solution Noses Won’t Go Blind To

09:00 EST 28 Feb 2017 | PR Web

New Article Reveals a Longer Lasting and More Effective Means to Benefit from Essential Oil Diffusion

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 28, 2017

MONQ® therapeutic air® introduces a personal aromatherapy diffuser that keeps each whiff as powerful as the first. Rather than diffusing a constant stream of essential oils, which eventually causes the senses to become “blind” to a scent, MONQ® puts forth an innovative technology that bathes the olfactory senses directly in small bursts, thus providing a more effective and long-lasting way for individuals to benefit from aromatherapy.

A recent article published by Eric S. Fishman, M.D., Preston Campbell, PhD, Wendy M. Yoder, PhD, and Allison J. Phillips, MS explains, “We are hardwired to respond to scents… The pleasure we derive from these vivid sensory details can provide significant benefits to our health and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately however, the transformation is often short-lived. Because our olfactory neurons rapidly adapt, the sensation quickly disappears. This is why conventional desktop diffusers lose appeal. After a few minutes, our brains have processed the information, and the scent becomes just another transitory echo. Needless to say, this poses numerous limitations for aromatherapy.”

Similar to individuals who can no longer smell their own home, traditional aromatherapy diffusers also become undetectable to the senses over time. However, in its combination of diffusion technology and terpene-rich aromatherapy blends, MONQ® has found a science-backed solution that avoids over-saturating the olfactory senses.

“Unlike traditional diffusers or a candle that will disperse the aromas haphazardly through the air, MONQ® offers a handheld personal aromatherapy device that is diffused directly into your mouth and out through your nose. In doing this, we allow the olfactory senses time to recover completely, which makes every breath feel as compelling and impactful as the first,” says Dr. Fishman, founder of MONQ®. “Another advantage of this system is it is truly personal. Because you are the only one who can smell it, MONQ® may minimize disagreements with other individuals in the room, who may not enjoy your specific aromatherapy as much as you.”

MONQ® is currently available in a variety of therapeutic blends, including Happy, Vibrant, Sexy, Healthy, Active, Zen, and Sleepy. It is entirely free of tobacco, nicotine, and artificial chemicals. Additionally, each personal aromatherapy device is 100 percent recyclable and responsibly sourced using only the purest organic ingredients and the highest quality materials.

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