World’s Largest Curator of Personal Lubricant and Adult Enhancers Lubezilla Creates Helpful Infographic Entitled “Why Can’t I Get Wet?”

11:00 EST 28 Feb 2017 | PR Web

Newly released infographic by Lubezilla reveals the truth about vaginal dryness in women

AGOURA HILLS, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2017

Nearly one in five adult women report experiencing vaginal dryness during their pre-menopausal years, with a full three out of four women indicating that they have a problem with their natural lubrication system throughout the post-menopausal phase. In creating the new infographic, Why Can’t I Get Wet: The Truth About Vaginal Dryness in Women, Lubezilla first sought to support women with the message that “they’re not alone.” This is a common concern for millions of females around the world - most commonly characterized by painful intercourse, persistent UTIs (urinary tract infections), vaginal itchiness or burning, and even diminished sex drive.

There are several key points in the infographic, including some of the more common causes of vaginal dryness, the potential complications that can arise if the issues are left untreated, and several unique ways to address the problem.

According to the infographic, there can be several causes of vaginal dryness. Prescribed medications - especially those that interfere with a woman’s natural hormonal balance (such as birth control pills), can cause the condition, as can negative thoughts or emotions. Childbirth and breastfeeding creates a hormonal shift that exaggerates vaginal dryness, while something as simple as too little foreplay prior to sex can create a dry situation for ladies who are rushed into the act of lovemaking.

The infographic also goes on to discuss some of the serious health problems that can arise if the dryness is left untreated. From annoying but not necessarily dangerous issues, to more chronic concerns like kidney or vaginal infections, the treatment and management of vaginal dryness is quite important.

Lastly, Lubezilla’s infographic delivers a half-dozen ways to combat vaginal dryness - including using natural, body-safe, water-based lubricants to make sexual activity that much more enjoyable.

About Lubezilla

Originally founded as a personal lubricant supply company, Lubezilla has expanded an d today offers an extensive and unique range of personal lubricants, adult toys, and body and beauty products for shoppers everywhere. Lubezilla also focuses heavily on providing deep background information and access to the kind of product information that is rarely found online today - from educational insights to useful tips and manufacturer profiles. From individual clients to wholesale customers, Lubezilla covers the market when it comes to personal lubricants and adult toys and accessories.

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