Mindset Launches Headphones That Boost Productivity

11:00 EST 1 Mar 2017 | PR Web

Startup headphones use neurofeedback to rewire the brain

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) March 01, 2017

Today Mindset launched a Kickstarter campaign for their namesake product—headphones that monitor brain activity and rewire it to boost productivity. The headphones are available starting at $189 and are the fruits of a partnership with audio giant, Onkyo, which will optimize the sound quality.

Using neurofeedback - the technology used to treat ADHD, improve creativity in Olympic figure skaters, and train NASA astronauts - Mindset tracks users’ focus and alerts them when the concentration drops. The device provides coaching with gentle auditory cues, or notifies the users when it’s time to switch tasks or take a break. Over time, these alerts train the mind and rewire the brain to better tune out distractions.

“Our attention is constantly being pulled between our phones vibrating, distractions on the internet, and endless to do lists that result in spending more time trying to work than actually working,” said Mindset Co-Founder Jacob Flood. “We wanted to create something that would work with us, instead of against us.”

Mindset also curates music based on the task at hand (or the users can chose their own). The product detects concentration in three real-time steps:

  • Data acquisition - EEG sensors read the electrical activity of the brain
  • Signal processing - Mindset removes signal noise, and decomposes the data into unique features that are indicative of different cognitive states
  • Machine learning - Using advanced machine learning, Mindset recognizes the patterns in the signal that are indicative of a deep, concentrated mind.

“The outcome is more personal than ever,” said Mindset Co-Founder David Doyon. “Mindset learns the users' individual concentration habits, helping them find the right time for deep work, to take a break, and when to reach for that cup of coffee. It’s designed to provide users with personalized insights, to help them get their best work done.”

Mindset’s crowdfunding campaign runs from March 1, 2017 - April 5, 2017. For a full rundown of the pledge levels visit their Kickstarter page. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent, Borjana Slipicevic at +1 (778) 858-2595.

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Borjana Slipicevic
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