Research Shows Fat Increases with Yo-Yo Exercising

06:00 EST 2 Mar 2017 | PR Web

San Diego board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology discusses the overlooked impacts of yo-yo exercising.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 02, 2017

2017 is barely two months old, so New Year’s fitness resolutions are still mostly being honored, as people continue to watch what they eat and exercise furiously. As so often happens, however, it won’t last more than a few weeks, and that could readily lead to fat increase and weight gain. According to a study published by the American Physiological Society, researchers found that yo-yo exercising – months of regular exercise followed by a long relapse into very little, if any, exercise – is ineffective at best and seriously fat-inducing at worst.

“Yo-yo exercising is as impactful on your health and weight gain as yo-yo dieting is,” Dr. Goldman said. “While intense exercise may have benefits for the heart and skin, It’s a common misconception that heavy exertion while exercising – such as cycling or running on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes – burns significantly more calories and ramps up your metabolism more than following the recommended moderate 20-25-minute routine. As a result, many people think they have a calorie deficit that allows them to maintain their weight and reduce fat even if they stop exercising for a few weeks.”

Researchers found that the metabolism of participants who underwent three weeks of intense exercise adapted to the routine and began to store the participants’ extra energy in the form of fat. Accordingly, when the participants stopped exercising, their bodies quickly began the process of adipocyte hyperplasia, or they simply began growing fat cells at an alarming rate. Furthermore, research found that the type of exercise is irrelevant.

“Although it shouldn’t have been, it was surprising to learn that all types of athletes doing various sports were affected the same – runners, swimmers, martial artists, cyclists, cross fitness enthusiasts, etc.,” Dr. Goldman said. “The participants all put on noticeable amounts of weight once they stopped their intense exercising. Even worse, once the participants resumed their previous routines at the same intensity levels to try and lose what they had gained, they didn’t lose as much as was expected, which leads one to wonder how much this is contributing to the rise in obesity around the country.”

Dr. Goldman and others in the medical and fitness communities advocate moderate exercise on a consistent basis along with intense exercise to build muscle and improve the cardiovasculature system . Individuals enduring this type of yo-yo exercise effect do have additional options for reducing fat, including a variety of cosmetic body sculpting procedures, such as liposuction and CoolSculpting, among others. Maintaining a consistent diet and exercise routine in addition to undergoing a liposuction or body contouring procedure can help ensure long-lasting results. To learn more about body sculpting treatments that aid in reaching fat reduction goals that diet and exercise cannot, visit

“I would caution individuals who have just started a new exercise routine for the new year to include in their exercise routine a stable form of exercise in moderation,” Dr. Goldman said. “Don’t only overdo it, as that’s a common reason for quitting – it takes too much time or it eventually gets tiresome; furthermore, don’t treat yourself to a piece of cake or an extra slice of bacon on your burger too often as a reward for hitting exercise goals. A simple, consistent regimen of walking, running, cycling, weight-training, hiking, or even doing yard work is better in the long run than on-again, off-again exercise routines.”

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