Innova Biosciences initiates monthly charity donation program

06:19 EDT 13 Mar 2017 | Zyme Communications

Portion of profits to be assigned to charitable organizations following a successful 2016

Cambridge, UK, 13 March 2017: Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, today announces the initiation of its charity donation program, following a highly successful year in 2016.

The Cambridge, UK based company will donate a portion of its profit, equating to £1,000 per month for an initial 12-month period, to charitable organisations both locally and nationally. Innova is keen to support those organisations which fund scientific research and the development of ground-breaking treatments, though other worthy causes will also be considered.

Innova has announced the first donation is to be made to Cancer Research UK, an organisation that is actively working to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. 

“Innova has been profitable for several years, and after significant growth of our custom services offering and expansion of the R&D, manufacturing and commercial areas of the business, the company has increased revenue by 28%. I am now delighted to be announcing our new philanthropy initiative,” commented Nick Gee, CEO and CSO at Innova Biosciences. He continued: “We have chosen CRUK as the first beneficiary of our charity donation program, and one of our employees will be rowing for 5 hours as part of the KCBC 24 hour Ergathon 2017 to support the vital work of CRUK” 

Nick Gee, CEO, Innova Biosciences

About Innova Biosciences Limited

Innova Biosciences are world leading experts in easy-to-use, cutting-edge bioconjugation technologies and services. The Company has the flexibility to support scientists from academia through to commercial manufacturing, developing and supplying reagent products to make science easier, both off-the shelf and to customer specification. Innova’s products are based on its antibody and protein labelling technology, nanoparticle and oligonucleotide labelling and phosphate detection enzyme assay technologies.

All of Innova Biosciences’ product ranges are of the highest quality and are designed to streamline R&D and manufacturing processes, whilst also reducing overall project costs by cutting expenses associated with e.g. material waste, in-house equipment and staff time, providing increased return on investment compared to traditional methods.

Innova Biosciences’ ever expanding portfolio, including the Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link® brands, is available to research laboratories, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies worldwide.

Innova Biosciences is a privately held company and was founded in 2002.

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