Bococizumab yields varying effects on CV events, LDL in SPIRE trials

10:52 EDT 17 Mar 2017 | Healio

WASHINGTON — PCSK9 inhibition with bococizumab was safe in high-risk patients with LDL levels exceeding 100 mg/dL, but yielded mixed results on efficacy due to attenuation of LDL lowering, variation in individual response, antidrug antibody production and early termination of drug development.At the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session, Paul M. Ridker, MD, Eugene Braunwald professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, reported data from eight parallel bococizumab trials in the SPIRE clinical trial program. The SPIRE-1 and SPIRE-2 CV outcome trials were halted early in November when Pfizer made the decision to discontinue development of bococizumab after high rates of antidrug antibodies and unanticipated attenuation of LDL lowering over time were observed in six lipid-lowering studies.

Original Article: Bococizumab yields varying effects on CV events, LDL in SPIRE trials


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