New California Law Highlights Urgent for Landlords to Work with Tenant Screening Company; Opines

06:00 EDT 19 Jun 2017 | PR Web

Immigrant Tenant Protection Act is moving through California Legislator and highlights an immediate, urgent need that landlords work with well qualified third-party tenant screening agencies in order to maintain and continue compliance with existing and new law governing the apartment rental industry. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of offers an opinion: “Rules of law governing tenant screening are increasingly complex and a best practice is for landlords and property managers to work with tenant screening agencies in order to remain compliant.”

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) June 19, 2017

AB291 continues to make its way through California Legislator and will protect undocumented workers from harassment by landlords. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of states: “This new law in California should remind every landlord and property manager to work closely with a tenant screening company, one that is well versed in laws governing the use of public records and related documents in tenant screening.”

New laws go into effect every year across the country. In California a new law is making its way through the legislative process and is designed to protect undocumented workers from unlawful harassment by landlords and property managers.

Almeida states: “This potential law in California should be a wakeup call for landlords and property managers to work with a tenant screening agency in order to remain compliant with various laws governing tenant screening.”

As the eviction crisis continues to expand across America various forms of harassment put pressure on undocumented immigrants to accept eviction or risk exposure to immigration authorities.

From CBS LOCAL – SACRAMENTO website (May 23, 17):
Across the state, tenants claim their landlords are threatening them with a call to immigration authorities if they don’t agree to be evicted quietly.

Now the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, making its way to the senate floor, would make it illegal for landlords to use their tenants’ immigration status against them. If they do, landlords will be the ones paying up. (1)

Almeida adds: “With a shorter supply of apartments and growing rent rates, landlords may attempt to force out immigrant families in order to draw in potentially higher paying renters. But landlords should remain cautious and make sure they follow the law. Harassing a tenant over immigration status to avoid repair or ease eviction could potentially be illegal in California. And a potential law such as AB291 could make its way to other states.”

From the Mercury News (May 23, 17):
Supporters of the bill, which passed the Assembly this week and will head to the Senate, say landlords all over the state are making threats against immigrant tenants to get them to vacate apartments or agree to unfair living conditions, like the renters in Concord said. (2)

Almeida concludes: “Laws that affect a landlord’s business in any way should spark a review of their process of tenant screening policy. Maintaining a legal and lawful policy of tenant screening is critical to the on-going success of a property and the new law in California highlights an immediate, urgent need to review tenant screening policy with a well-qualified third-party tenant screening company.” is a third-party tenant screening company with highly trained investigators well versed in the legal and lawful use of criminal history reports, and all public record reports, as part of a complete tenant background check.


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