2017 US Hematology and Flow Cytometry Testing in Hospitals, Commercial Labs and POC/PointofCare Locations [Updated: 30032017] Prices from USD $11500

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Complete report $11,500. nbsp;DataPack test volumes, sales forecasts, supplier shares $7,500.


This comprehensive report contains 306 pages, 59 tables, and is designed to help current suppliers and potential market entrants identify and evaluate business opportunities emerging in US hematology and flow cytometry hospital, commercial and pointofcare/POC markets during the next five years. The report explores business and technological trends in the US hematology and flow cytometry markets; provides market share estimates, test volume forecasts, and instrument placements; compares features of major analyzers; profiles leading competitors and emerging market entrants; and suggests specific product and marketing opportunities facing suppliers.

The report provides fiveyear volume and sales forecasts for over 40 hematology and flow cytometry procedures performed in hospitals, commercial laboratories, physician offices, ER, OR, ICU, cancer clinics, ambulatory care centers, surgery centers, nursing homes, and birth centers.

Strategic Recommendations

New product development opportunities with significant market appeal.
Alternative market penetration strategies.
Potential market entry barriers and risks.

Hematology Tests

CBC + 5Part Differential, Manual Differential/Review, Hematocrit Automated, Manual, Hemoglobin Automated, Manual, Sedimentation Rate, Reticulocytes, WBC Automated, Manual, Platelets Automated, Manual, Bone Marrow Analysis, RBC, Eosinophils.

Flow Cytometry Tests

Cell Surface Markers CD4/CD8/Tamp;B Lymphocytes, CD34, Others, Chemotherapy Monitoring Leukemia/Lymphoma, Others, HLA Typing, Sperm Analysis, Cell Cycle Kinetics, Cell Function Testing, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Fetal Cell Analysis, Granulocyte Function, Receptor DNA/RNA Analysis, Cell Culturing.

Sales and Market Share Analysis

Sales and market shares of major instrument and reagent suppliers.

Market Segmentation Analysis

Sales and market share estimates for leading suppliers of hematology and flow cytometry products.

Test and sales forecasts for over 40 procedures by individual test and market segment:

Commercial/Private Laboratories

POC/Decentralized Testing

Physician Offices/Group Practices
Emergency Rooms
Operating/Recovery Suites
Cancer Clinics
Ambulatory Care Centers
Surgery Centers
Nursing Homes
Birth Centers

Current and Emerging Products

Analysis of current and emerging hematology and flow cytometry tests.
Reagent and instrument sales forecasts by market segment.
Instrument placements and installed base by manufacturer and model.
Sales and market shares of reagent and instrument suppliers.

Technology Review

Assessment of current and emerging technologies, and their potential market applications.

Comprehensive lists of companies developing or marketing new technologies and products by test.

Competitive Strategies

Extensive strategic profiles of major suppliers and emerging market entrants.

The companies analyzed in the report include:

nbsp;nbsp; Abbott
nbsp;nbsp; Agilent Technologies
nbsp;nbsp; Beckman Coulter/Danaher
nbsp;nbsp; Becton Dickinson
nbsp;nbsp; BioRad
nbsp;nbsp; CellaVision
nbsp;nbsp; Horiba
nbsp;nbsp; Iris Diagnostics/Danaher
nbsp;nbsp; Nihon Kohden
nbsp;nbsp; OrthoClinical Diagnostics
nbsp;nbsp; Roche
nbsp;nbsp; Siemens
nbsp;nbsp; Sysmex

Contains 306 pages and 59 tables

Original Article: 2017 US Hematology and Flow Cytometry Testing in Hospitals, Commercial Labs and POC/PointofCare Locations [Updated: 30032017] Prices from USD $11500


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