Gov't to Control Future GMO Potato Imports

08:33 EDT 19 Jun 2017 | Meridian Institute

The government in Taiwan has said it will implement controls to prevent the possible import of genetically modified (GM) potatoes from the United States. The U.S. recently applied to the Health and Welfare Ministry for approval to import GM potatoes into Taiwan. Controls would work to protect domestic growers of potatoes, according to agriculture authorities, as well as address concerns regarding the potential health impacts of GM food products. The Council of Agriculture said it would monitor future imports and call for the proper labeling of such potatoes. If allowed for import, the COA said, the potatoes would be used for potato chips, french fries and other processed food products. The government currently allows five types of GMO products to be imported: soybeans, corn, cotton, rapeseed and sugar beets. Fang Yi-tan, the chief of the Agriculture and Food Agency's Crop Production Section, said if GM potatoes are approved, she hopes the Ministry of Health and Welfare ensures that labeling practices are followed so consumers are able to clearly identify the origin and GM nature of such products, thereby giving domestic producers a chance to compete.

Original Article: Gov't to Control Future GMO Potato Imports


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