[Comment] Deep brain stimulation in Tourette's syndrome: new insights

20:16 EDT 20 Jun 2017 | The Lancet

Hallmarked by multiple motor and phonic tics, Tourette's syndrome is a remarkable neuropsychiatric disease. The syndrome often involves diverse psychiatric comorbidities and coexisting psychopathologies1 and seemingly relates to fronto-striato-thalamo-cortical dysfunction.2 Although deep brain stimulation (DBS) is well established as an effective therapy for other hyperkinetic movement disorders, it has so far been tested in only a few patients with severe Tourette's syndrome. Thus, most of the studies that have been reported have been small and uncontrolled trials, applying DBS to different structures within the fronto-striato-thalamo-cortical loop, and the effects on motor symptom relief have varied.

Original Article: [Comment] Deep brain stimulation in Tourette's syndrome: new insights


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