Doctor’s Life Dedicated to Uncovering Hidden Dangers

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Carrollton, TX, June 22, 2017 --( The senior member of RealTime Laboratories talks about the dangers mycotoxins pose.

While some doctors dedicate their lives to working directly with sick patients to diagnose and provide care, others work tirelessly behind the scenes to unlock the mysteries behind human illness. Dr. Dennis Hooper falls into the latter category. Dr. Hooper has dedicated his professional career to the study of Human Pathology and Microbiology. His interests have always been in fungus and virology. The fungi that he has studied, produce toxins (mycotoxins) which affect cell metaboloism.

“Mycotoxins are toxic molecules produced by mold and fungi that can have adverse impacts on humans at the cellular level,” explains Dr. Hooper, who serves as the senior member of RealTime Laboratories. “Depending on the type of mycotoxin found in an indoor environment, people exposed may suffer from an array of symptoms and illnesses that include respiratory complaints, chronic fatigue and kidney toxicity, among others. Several types are also known carcinogens, making study into these molecules, how to detect them and how to combat them, fascinating and important.”

Through his work, Dr. Hooper and other clinicians have developed testing techniques that can help doctors and their patients identify mycotoxin exposure. Hooper is also dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers mycotoxins pose so that people can take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“Most people are highly aware of the danger ‘black mold’ poses due to a great deal of publicity about sick building syndrome and chronic health complaints from those who live or work in contaminated spaces,” says Dr. Hooper. “Many people, however, only associate mold-related illness with black mold, which is simply not the case.”

While much work remains to unravel the complete connections between different mycotoxins and their impacts on humans, researchers at RTL have isolated 15 that are strongly associated with indoor environments and human health concerns. When exposure to mold is known or if health complaints have an untraceable source, mycotoxin testing may prove valuable in the diagnostic and treatment process.

“Mycotoxins pose a danger that not many are aware of,” says Dr. Hooper. “While not all molds are linked to cancer or other deadly conditions, any mold-related damage in an indoor environment should be properly addressed and mitigated to safeguard human health.”

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About Dr. Hooper
Dr. Hooper is presently the Senior Member of RealTime Laboratories, (RTL) Inc. and Medical Services Consultation International, LLC, in Carrollton, Texas. The laboratory was established in 2004 and is devoted to the study and testing of mycotoxins. Dr. Hooper has published some of his work as: Mycotoxin Detection in Human Samples from Patients Exposed to Environmental Molds Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2009, 10, 1465-1475.

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