Cell-Based Flu Vaccine Hits Commercial Scale

04:26 EDT 22 Jun 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Rather than rely on poultry and the eggs they produce for the manufacture of yearly flu vaccines, the World Health Organization (WHO) and FDA have encouraged vaccine manufacturers to look to other manufacturing technologies, such as use of a cell-based production model. Seqirus announced on June 21, 2017 that it has successfully used such a model for the large-scale production of the flu vaccine using a cell-derived H3N2 candidate vaccine virus that was originally procured from the National Influenza Center in Singapore. This development is especially timely, considering the Government Accountability Organization (GAO) just released a report in May 2017 asserting that the U.S. government only has one “dependable manufacturer for producing egg-based vaccine for rapid pandemic mitigation.” Disease affecting poultry and their eggs, such as the avian flu, can drastically reduce the ability of a manufacturer to produce an adequate quantity of vaccine in the face of ...

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