Whole-Genome Study Shows IGF1R Inhibitors May Help Some Osteosarcoma Patients

04:54 EDT 23 Jun 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Researchers report in Nature Communications (“ Recurrent mutation of IGF signalling genes and distinct patterns of genomic rearrangement in osteosarcoma ”) that a genetic sequencing study has revealed that some patients with osteosarcoma could be helped by an existing drug. The team, from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, University College London Cancer Institute, and the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital NHS Trust, that 10% of patients with a genetic mutation in particular growth-factor-signaling genes may benefit from IGF1R inhibitors. The results, the scientists say, suggest a re-trial of IGF1R inhibitors for the subset of patients with osteosarcoma who are likely to respond based on their genetic profile. The current treatment for osteosarcoma is chemotherapy followed by surgery, where the bone tumors are removed. There has not been a new treatment for osteosarcoma in almost 40 years. In the study, investigators analyzed the genome of 112 childhood and ...

Original Article: Whole-Genome Study Shows IGF1R Inhibitors May Help Some Osteosarcoma Patients


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