Illumina Bio-Rad Single Cell Sequencing Solution

20:00 EDT 30 Jun 2017 | Australian Life Scientist

Complex biological systems are fundamentally determined by the coordinated functions of individual cells. The transcriptional heterogeneity that drives this complexity is often masked by conventional technologies that only provide bulk transcriptome data.

Although high-dimensional gene expression analysis has been enabled by RNA-Seq, it is currently still a challenge to generate thousands of single-cell NGS libraries in a high-throughput and user-friendly manner. To deliver on the promise of single-cell biology, a robust technology is required that enables controlled experiments with multiple samples, treatment conditions and time points.

The Illumina Bio-Rad Single-Cell Sequencing Solution pairs Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital Technology with Illumina NGS library preparation and analysis technology to provide a comprehensive workflow for single-cell analysis. This combination of a simple and fast workflow enables single-cell information to be revealed by allowing users to analyse multiple samples in parallel, under multiple treatment conditions and at multiple time points. It also enables reproducible interrogation of single-cell transcriptomes from multiple cell types.

The scalable, robust, single-cell NGS sample prep methodology will enable researchers to apply the sensitivity and precision of RNA-Seq to questions in single-cell biology.

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