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Winners and losers: How well is your MS medical affairs team doing?

Which MS drugs are benefiting from the best performing and most supportive medical affairs teams according to the doctors on the receiving end? According to this latest survey, satisfaction levels are adequate but almost a quarter of physicians suggest that medical affairs teams could improve their attitude and practice. Is satisfactory' good enough? If not, what more could be done to build stronger relationships?

Use this latest report to understand how well your medical affairs team is currently doing, and how they compare to the rest. Medical Affairs Reputations: MS EU5 features 10 leading MS drugs from Biogen, Sanofi, Bayer, Novartis, Merck KGaA and Teva.

Find out what more doctors want from your medical affairs team including:

Which services are most important?
Preferred contact methods and frequency
Areas for improvement

Top Takeaways

Busy, busy: For most drugs, the majority of physicians surveyed recall hearing from medical affairs in the last six months. Which medical affairs teams get full marks for effort?
To see, or not to see? Plenty of MS doctors want facetoface meetings, but the majority also cite two other communication channels they'd appreciate.
More information please: Nearly a third of physicians want to know more from medical affairs more detail, more updates, more relevance.
One medical affairs team is streets ahead: One team sits in the top three for satisfaction for every single attribute a phenomenal performance. Is this your medical affairs team, or a competitor's?

Insight into 10 MS Drugs

Aubagio teriflunomide; Sanofi
Avonex interferon beta1a; Biogen
Betaferon interferon beta1b; Bayer
Copaxone glatiramer acetate; Teva
Gilenya fingolimod; Novartis
Lemtrada alemtuzumab; Sanofi
Plegridy peginterferon beta1a; Biogen
Rebif interferon beta1a; Merck KGaA
Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate; Biogen
Tysabri natalizumab; Biogen

A Competitive Assessment of Medical Affairs Teams

Developed with the help of medical affairs specialists, this report compares 10 medical affairs teams and answers key questions such as:

What do doctors need?

How, and how often are doctors using your medical affairs team?
What services do they consider most important?
How often should you contact them? What channels are best?

Does your medical affairs team deliver?

How memorable are your team's interactions with doctors?
How do doctors rank your team for performance and satisfaction in 12 key areas?
How does your team compare to the competitionin each area, and overall?

What needs improvement?

Are you delivering the services that are most important to doctors?
Where do you need to improve?
How can your team enhance its services?

Based on Expert Knowledge

We surveyed 150 neurologists from the EU5 France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK.

All respondents:

Have been practising for 3+ years
See at least 5 MS patients in a typical month
Devote at least 50% of their time to direct patient care
Have interacted in the last 6 months with a medical affairs professional for at least one of the listed products.

We conducted the survey between 2nd and 9th May 2017.


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Original Article: Medical Affairs Reputations EU5 [MS] [Report Updated: 01062017] Prices from USD $6175


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