BLK Cyberknife Center to Promote Spine Tumors Treatment with Radio Surgery

23:00 EDT 1 Jul 2017 |

New Delhi, India, July 02, 2017 --( BLK Cyberknife Center Announces Spine Tumors treatment with radiosurgery, although treating spinal tumors can be really challenging because they can move as the patient breathes. Opting for standard radiation therapy may be risk considering that it can damage surrounding healthy tissue. In such cases CyberKnife System’s sophisticated software helps treat the tumor by pinpointing a spinal tumor’s exact location.

This is done by using X-ray images that are taken during treatment in real time. CyberKnife treatement allows the surgeons to deliver radiation to the tumor precisely. This way the surrounding sensitive spinal cord tissue and other critical structures remain safe and do not get damaged.

The main objectives of getting this treatment done are to manage pain and prevent permanent neurological complications.

Advantages of CyberKnife:

No need of making incisions
Painless method
Locate the spine correctly with the help of real time images
5 or less visits required
Negligible side effects
Hospitalization not required
Pinpoint accuracy

About BLK Center
The BLK CyberKnife Center is run by a group of dynamic Physicians who practice at the Center. The centre has some of the most experienced Doctors and Medical Staff from across the globe. CyberKnife VSI doctors offer guidance to kindle new hope in patients. The clinic provides various painless non-invasive radiosurgery for the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours anywhere in the body. It also provides treatments for functional disorders and vascular lesions.

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BLK Cyberknife Centre
Kaushal Kumar
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