AmideBio Is Granted European Patent for its Foundational Peptide Production Platform Technology

02:00 EDT 1 Jul 2017 | Colorado BioScience

BOULDER, CO, July 01, 2017 – AmideBio, LLC, a privately held biopharmaceutical company, announced today that the European patent office had granted European Patent 2787083 “Efficient Production of Peptides”. The patent expands the Company’s patent portfolio for its core platform technology, BioPure™ which enables the cost-efficient production of high purity peptides, including peptides that are hard to produce by standard methods. The equivalent US patent (8,796,431) was granted in 2014. The BioPure process facilitates rapid structure activity relationship (rSAR) studies on high value peptide therapeutics and lowers the downstream production costs for difficult to manufacture peptides. The Company is leveraging the technology to produce its own pipeline of therapeutics while providing custom specified peptides to companies looking to obtain high purity products for research.

“Issuance of this European patent is another important milestone for AmideBio in our efforts to broadly commercialize our core platform technology” said Dr. Misha Plam, AmideBio’s President and CEO. “Our BioPure technology has allowed us to produce a series of hard-to-produce drug candidates targeting metabolic diseases that are nearing the clinic, including novel thermostable single chain Insulins, glucogon and oxyntomodulin."

The technology was developed under the scientific leadership of Dr. Michael Stowell, Associate Professor of MCD Biology and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, and the Company’s CTO and founder. The University of Colorado has exclusively licensed its rights in the technology to AmideBio.

About AmideBio:

AmideBio is a biotechnology company leveraging its proprietary BioPureTM platform technology to deliver difficult-to-manufacture peptides cost effectively to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, while also building a pipeline of novel biotherapeutics. AmideBio's proprietary technology enables the rapid and economical manufacture of peptides of any length with unprecedented purity.. The Company continues to expand its proprietary technology platform in the areas of protein production, biosimilar therapeutic manufacturing and internal research and development of novel biotherapeutics aimed at metabolic, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases.


Dr. Misha Plam
President & CEO
T: (303) 641-3669

Original Article: AmideBio Is Granted European Patent for its Foundational Peptide Production Platform Technology


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