CLL [2016]: Bulletin 3 [Report Updated: 01062017] Prices from USD $1045

09:45 EDT 25 Jul 2017 | BioPortfolio Report Blog

Gain new key opinion leader KOL insights on the latest events that have the potential to shape the treatment landscape of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia CLL. Coverage includes KOL opinions about the Phase III results published from the GENUINE study investigating TG Therapeutics' novel antiCD20 monoclonal antibody mAb in combination with JJ/AbbVie's Imbruvica ibrutinib. Topics covered include KOL opinions on the approval of Celltrion/Mundipharma biosimilar rituximab Truxima by the European Commission. KOLs also provide their candid insights on the sequencing of novel targeted therapies in CLL, availability of realworld data and the future of chemotherapies.

Business Questions:

How do KOLs view the recent Phase III study results of TG Therapeutics' ublituximab in combination with ibrutinib in the GENUINE trial?
How do KOLs compare the combination of ibrutinib with ublituximab over the combination of ibrutinib with rituximab and over ibrutinib monotherapy?
In what type of patients will KOLs use the combination of ublituximab and ibrutinib, if approved?
Will KOLs require clinical studies to demonstrate the similarity of Truxima to rituximab in CLL? If so, what studies are required?
How comfortable are KOLs in extrapolating data for the use of Truxima in nonHodgkin lymphoma NHL to CLL?
Will cost pressures force KOLs to adopt Truxima in patients that require rituximab?
How will Truxima impact the usage of other antiCD20 drugs in CLL treatment?
What are KOL opinions about realworld studies to determine sequencing of treatments in CLL patients? Are there any drawbacks of the current realworld sequencing studies?
How do KOLs feel about the continued use of chemotherapy in the treatment of patients with CLL?

Original Article: CLL [2016]: Bulletin 3 [Report Updated: 01062017] Prices from USD $1045


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