Bob Weiner Announces Recent Opeds On Health Care Bipartisanshp, Ban Rough Rides, Stop Scams Against Elderly, And Recent Press Briefings And Radio

14:35 EDT 30 Jul 2017 | PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, July 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Robert Weiner, former White House and congressional senior staff and President of Robert Weiner Associates, today announced recent Op-eds, Radio, TV, and White House and National Press Club press briefing questions.  Opeds in major papers included a call for Republicans and Democrats to work together on health care, a call for an outright ban against "rough rides" (in contrast to the President's call this week for police to be "rough"), and action and information countering scams against the elderly.

Bob, who heads up an oped writing group and a foundation for young journalists, said, "We are trying to make a difference." He gave "special thanks to onsite coordinator/senior writer Ben Lasky and recent awesome interns Christina McDowell and Paula Hong for their fantastic work and contribution."

The list of opeds and their papers, Bob's questions at press briefings and news conferences, and recent radio shows follows:

REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS SHOULD WORK TOGETHER ON HEALTH BILL: NAPLES DAILY NEWS, GANNETT CHAINRepublicans and Democrats should work in a bipartisan effort to fix the problems in the Affordable Care Act, write former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and senior policy analyst Ben Lasky write in an op-ed in the Naples Daily News.
Weiner and Lasky write, "Why not do what the Senate is famous for and deal with the issues that are problematic in health care that Democrats have admitted for some time? Just because there are problems with the bill isn't a reason to blow it up. You don't buy a new car because the air conditioning doesn't work. Instead of calling it "repeal and replace," say "repair," and we can actually get something positive done."
Link to article: to OpEdNews H2 (No. 2 op-ed in nation) ranking:

NEED AN OUTRIGHT BAN ON ROUGH RIDES IN BALTIMORE AND NATIONWIDE, IN BALTIMORE AFRO AMERICANWhile Baltimore has made some progress on making sure that the death like the one Freddie Gray suffered never happens again, Baltimore should institute an outright ban on rough rides, argue former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and policy analyst Paula Hong, in an op-ed in the Baltimore Afro American. The article, which proposes the opposite of the President's statement this week that police should be "rough", was ranked H3 as the No. 3 op-ed in the country by OpEd News.
Weiner and Hong say, "Five officers are now being disciplined internally for Freddie Gray's handling, 'rough ride' and death. Also this year, Baltimore has retrofitted vehicles to keep people strapped in and filmed in the vans as a way to stop rough rides. There are new rules blocking hazardous driving where police purposely bounce prisoners around. But the work is nowhere near complete to end the disgraceful practice that captured the nation's attention in a justifiably negative way after Freddie Gray's death in 2015. There still needs to be an outright ban of so-called rough rides.
Link to article: to OpedNews ranking H3 (No. 3 op-ed in country):

SCAMS AGAINST THE ELDERLY, IN USA TODAY, AND TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRATScams against the elderly are multi-billion dollar industry say former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and policy analyst Christina McDowell in an op-ed just released in the Tallahassee Democrat and USA Today, one of the widest circulated newspapers in the country. It was also ranked H2 as No. 2 op-ed in the U.S. by OpedNews.
Weiner and McDowell write, "Bottom line: With the dramatic increases in scams against the elderly, Congress, state Houses, and the private sector have a lot more work to do."
Link to article: to OpedNews Ranking as H2 (No. 2 op-ed in nation):


July 21, 2017: Bob Weiner at White House press briefing by new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, scroll to 22:53 for Bob's question about later tweets different than earlier statements

June 29, 2017: Bob's question to Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin at White House briefing, scroll to 11:42 for Bob's question asking if $321 billion claimed health bill savings aren't really just reductions of people and benefits.

June 27, 2017: Bob's question to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry at White House briefing, scroll to 35:15 for Bob's question asking if in view of Perry's enthusiasm for nuclear power, how can he assure the American people of safety of nuclear plants and waste:

June 2, 2017: Bob's question to EPA administrator Scott Pruitt at White House briefing, scroll to 14:32 for Bob's question about breaking climate promise to 190 countries and also deregulating CO2 smokestack spews:

January 23, 2017: Bob Weiner Q&A with Sean Spicer as Trump White House Holds First Press Briefing Photo from CNN Live | Video on YouTube | Transcript | Original | MP4 | Live on CNNMSNBC, and C-SPAN, click on direct link to Bob's questions on Administration continuing to protect Social Security and offering infrastructure plan

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB NEWSMAKER/HEADLINERJuly 28, 2017—Bob's question to just resigned White House ethics chief Walter Shaub at National Press Club Newsmaker, live C-Span, scroll to 40:00 for Bob's questions about Russian banks and Emoluments:   


July 27, 2017 John Fredericks Show, #1 Virginia Radio 30, 2017 The Rick Smith Show 28, 2017 The Dave Elliott Show, interviewed live on WGUF radio, SW Florida #1 news-talk Alan Nathan Show:
July 26, 2017 scroll to approx. 30:00 12, 2017 scroll to approx. 30:00 28, 2017 scroll to approx. 30:00 
June 17, 2017 scroll to approx. 30:00 (2 segments) 7, 2017 scroll to approx. 30:00

Contact: Bob Weiner cell 202-306-1200, land 301-283-0821

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