Immunotherapy Approaches against Chronic Form of Leukemia Emerge

06:43 EDT 31 Jul 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Y RNA is a reason why monocytes and macrophages assist, rather than assault, the cancer cells that proliferate in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Not much is known about Y RNA, but one particular Y RNA, hy4, has been found in great abundance in the plasma of CLL patients. This discovery, from the German Cancer Research Center (GCR) in Heidelberg, points to a link between Y RNA and CLL’s immunosuppressive character. Breaking this link, say the GCR researchers, could lead to new therapeutic approaches against CLL. The key to the discovery was exosome analysis. Exosomes, little bubbles that cells transmit to their surroundings, are released in elevated numbers by leukemia cells. Accordingly, they attracted the notice of the GCR team, which was led by molecular geneticist Martina Seiffert, Ph.D. Ultimately, the GCR scientists found that the exosomes contained, among other things, Y RNA. This finding appeared July 28 ...

Original Article: Immunotherapy Approaches against Chronic Form of Leukemia Emerge


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