Viewics Launches Diagnostic Optimization and LabOps with LiveMonitor Solutions at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry 2017 Conference in San Diego

13:43 EDT 31 Jul 2017 | Businesswire
Viewics, Inc.

Viewics’ analytics solutions help hospitals & health systems achieve the highest laboratory service levels and deliver the right tests to the right patient at the right time.

Viewics, Inc., a leading healthcare analytics company, today announced the release of two advanced analytics solutions which will help hospitals and health systems achieve the highest laboratory service levels while ensuring that the right tests are being done on the right patient at the right time. The announcement was made on the eve of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Conference in San Diego, where Viewics will exhibit in booth 2456.

Viewics' Diagnostic Optimization solution helps health systems uncover opportunities to drive better patient outcomes and health system value by identifying areas of overutilization and underutilization in laboratory testing. With this type of solution supporting a utilization management initiative, a 300-bed hospital can realize $6M in yearly benefit by reducing variation in physician test ordering patterns which result in delays in care, extended hospital stays and unplanned readmissions. Analytics solutions like Viewics’ Diagnostic Optimization continue to highlight how an integrated and aligned health system lab brings tremendous operational leverage to the entire care delivery process and why hospital labs are critical core competencies in every health care system.

To further support these utilization management initiatives, Viewics provides a supplementary offering, eForums, enabling the laboratory to collaborate with ordering physicians in a data-driven manner to create consensus around testing protocols and promote adherence to those standards.

Viewics’ LabOps with LiveMonitor solution provides an integrated solution with the software and analytics needed for real-time monitoring of key laboratory performance metrics, such as Emergency Room TAT, and enables a continuous improvement process. Composed of pending lists, proactive alerts and other tools and processes to help diagnose and correct operational problems, LabOps with LiveMonitor helps leaders identify the service areas where the laboratory can make an impact on patient care. It also supplies laboratory leaders with the real-time information necessary to identify and maintain high performance.

“The pressures facing health systems mean that lab leaders need enhanced real-time understanding of their diagnostic operations and greater visibility concerning the value that the lab can create outside of the lab. We are proud to offer these two vital solutions for meeting that need,” stated Keith Laughman, CEO of Viewics, Inc.

The release of these innovative solutions expands the Viewics analytics platform and further advances the Viewics team’s mission of placing actionable intelligence into the hands of laboratory and health system leadership.

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About Viewics Inc.

Viewics provides unprecedented access to disparate healthcare data to surface actionable intelligence and empower data-driven decision-making. Through expertise and focus on healthcare analytics, Viewics delivers proprietary, best-in-class technology for data extraction, cleansing, and transformation to quickly unlock insights that deliver invaluable clinical and financial outcomes, while reducing burden on IT.

The HIPAA-compliant solution puts the transformational power of analytics into the hands of healthcare professionals in clinical, financial, executive, and IT roles. The solution enables organizations to leverage insights out-of-the-box, combined with the flexibility to further customize the solution to meet the needs of their unique situations, truly interact with their data and make decisions based on accurate information to deliver significant impact.

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