Edifecs Releases New Collaborative Testing Capabilities

08:00 EDT 1 Aug 2017 | Businesswire
Edifecs, Inc.

Simplified testing framework features rapid trading partner onboarding, substantial time and cost savings

Edifecs, Inc., a global health information technology solutions company, has announced the release of Collaborative Testing 10.0, a new task-based program structure for self-guided, rapid partner onboarding. The enhanced features include the ability to design and monitor healthcare and non-healthcare client partners’ tasks within a secure environment.

In healthcare, improving collaboration between trading partners who share sensitive information is critical to ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. Teams are increasingly pressured to reduce testing costs while increasing the pace of completing testing. Manual onboarding processes are tedious and demand a large investment for operationalizing and tracking testing. An organization’s success and bottom line is dependent on its ability to rapidly onboard partners while also reducing implementation errors.

The self-guided nature of the improved onboarding efficiencies built into Edifecs’ Collaborative Testing 10.0 reduces manual intervention and saves significant costs. Additionally, when trading partners and clients have prompt communication and information sharing, enhanced transparency and mutual confidence in test results, trading partners are able to increase client confidence.

“We saw an opportunity to give partners more visibility into each other’s processes while increasing confidence across partnerships,” said Sunny Singh, CEO of Edifecs. “Since Edifecs entered the market more than 20 years ago, we have been focused on enhancing collaboration and data sharing. With the introduction of Collaborative Testing 10.0, we are enabling seamless data sharing and testing across all trading partners spanning all sectors of the care continuum.”

The streamlined adoption of new programs requires alignment with partner expectations pre-launch. Technology teams require new quality assurance processes that are virtual, always ‘on’ and easily available to trading partners. Between the Internet of Things, mobile ordering platforms and traditional electronic data interchange, nothing remains static for long if the business is to expand with new markets, channels and products. Educating partners and detecting issues with all B2B transactions are essential for accelerating program delivery and protecting brand reputation.

The Collaborative Testing 10.0 platform provides extensive testing before the go-live in conjunction with full-circle, self-guided onboarding that eliminates many of the challenges associated collaborating across multiple organizations. The platform provides a framework to plan and execute testing and share results, gathering test data from partners, to ensure conformity to standards and, most importantly, to secure partner confidence.

“The foundation of business processes is the need for connection and information-sharing between partners,” said Singh. “We’ve developed a solution that ensures the automated, transparent processing of all transactions, giving partners and clients actionable data analysis for determining best courses of action.”

Hospitals and health plans across the country have partnered with Edifecs as their preferred collaborative testing platform provider including many Blue Cross Blue Shield and state Medicaid associations.

About Edifecs

Edifecs develops innovative, cost-cutting information technology solutions to transform the global healthcare marketplace. Since 1996, Edifecs technology has helped healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacy benefit management companies and other trading partners trim waste, reduce costs and increase revenues. More than 350 healthcare customers today use Edifecs solutions to simplify and unify financial and clinical transactions. In addition, Edifecs develops supply chain management solutions to support worldwide customers in non-healthcare industry segments. Edifecs is based in Bellevue, WA, with operations internationally. Learn more about us at

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