TC BioPharm Wins $4.7M in EU Horizon 2020 Funding

07:07 EDT 2 Aug 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

TC BioPharm (TCB) said today it has won a €4 million ($4.7 million) grant from the European Union's Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation program to advance its gamma-delta T (GDT) cell therapy for cancer. TCB said the H2020 grant will allow it to develop a next-generation GDT cell therapy, OmnImmune ® , using an allogeneic approach, in which treatments can be manufactured using existing donor cells stored in a biobank. The company reasons that an allogeneic “off-the-shelf” approach will be able to treat a larger target population of cancer sufferers than an autologous treatment, since an allogeneic treatment would be more reproducible product, having been "campaign-manufactured" in bulk to contain costs. TCB said it plans to manufacture allogeneic cell banks during 2017–2018, with the goal of treating its first cancer patients with GDT early in 2019. Plans call for TCB to couple the treatment ...

Original Article: TC BioPharm Wins $4.7M in EU Horizon 2020 Funding


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