IBM launches CTMS to streamline research operations

20:00 EDT 2 Aug 2017 | LabOnline

IBM’s Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for Sites is designed to streamline the clinical trials management process and maximise operational efficiencies. Launched on 1 August, the system supports large hospitals and academic organisations as well as independent research organisations.

Formerly known as Merge Clinical Trial Management System for Investigators, CTMS for Sites is a platform used by those conducting research to organise, centralise and manage clinical research operations and finances across their institution. When implemented as part of the central research infrastructure at clinical research sites, it is said to reduce financial compliance risk, reduce the burden of duplicate data entry, increase performance transparency across organisations and enable efficient patient recruitment.

Using CTMS for Sites, research teams can:

  • quickly determine the health of a research organisation or institution to address progress items that are late or overdue;
  • assess study feasibility by reviewing projected profit and loss estimates for potential studies;
  • negotiate study budgets using multiple charge masters and bolster study selection by making informed decisions based on the ability to recruit and receive payments for enrolment;
  • streamline patient recruitment and progress by using research patient data, creating study-specific screening questionnaires and tracking effectiveness of study recruitment efforts;
  • manage billing, contracting and other financial aspects of studies;
  • add the study, billing grid, study calendar and patient enrolment to electronic medical records (EMRs);
  • ensure billing and protocol compliance by adding billing modifiers and coverage analysis documentation into the study protocol and budget;
  • record, report, invoice and reconcile study financials as patient study visits are tracked;
  • project monthly revenue based on current enrolment and visit schedules.

For more information, visit the IBM catalogue.

Original Article: IBM launches CTMS to streamline research operations


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