Woman referred for acute flashing lights and visual distortion

06:50 EDT 2 Aug 2017 | Healio

A 47-year-old Caucasian woman with no significant medical or ocular history was referred to the Lahey Eye Clinic with complaints of flashes of light in the periphery of her right eye. Three weeks before presentation, she noted the flashes only at night but denied any floaters, curtain or veil in her vision or acute loss of vision. She originally went to see an outside optometrist who noted possible “swelling of the right nerve.” She was told to come back in a few days for re-evaluation. At the second appointment, the swelling was more significant, thus the patient was sent to Lahey for further evaluation.The morning of her visit, she also noted a new onset “film” in front of her right eye, which resolved after a few hours. She described a constant “water-like” distortion that was present temporally in her right eye. Of note, the patient mentioned that she had developed a bad viral infection 1 month before presentation. This reportedly triggered a herpetic flair with genital and oral ulcers. At that time, she also noted stomach pain, lethargy and decreased weight. She denied any lesions near or involving the eyes or nose. Review of systems was negative except for what was noted above.

Original Article: Woman referred for acute flashing lights and visual distortion


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