Goodgut®, A Breakthrough New Prebiotic Line Designed To Aid In Better Digestive Health, May Be A "Best Kept" Wellness Secret

10:40 EDT 7 Aug 2017 | PR Newswire

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodgut®, a line of first-in-class polyphenol-based prebiotic supplements garnering category interest and rapid retail growth, is a safe and natural solution that alleviates occasional diarrhea, upset stomach, gas and bloating.  The breakthrough prebiotic nourishes beneficial digestive bacteria, helping to restore balance to digestive and immune health.  Goodgut works specifically to fortify the protective layer that lines the human gut and helps stop "leaky gut."

Goodgut is the flagship product line from Greenteaspoon, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based leading-edge digestive health company established in 2011.  Marketed under the brand names Rescue, Balance and Boost, Goodgut is proven to be effective at the highest standard of clinical science, having undergone a double-blind, peer-reviewed randomized clinical study.

Rescue provides rapid help for sudden unwanted digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, gas and bloating; Balance alleviates digestive distress and helps balance daily health; and Boost strengthens the immune system.  Collectively, the Goodgut product line offers a fresh dose of support for millions of digestive ailment sufferers struggling to find effective and widely available remedies.

In a 2016 consumer survey[1] of 734 respondents, among a stratified group of those most likely to explore digestive supplements and prebiotics (nearly 200 individuals), more than 70 percent indicated that they suffer from digestive issues.  Additionally, more than half of this survey group indicated that they take immune boosting supplements year round.

But ironically, only 1/5 of the sampling had even heard of prebiotics or had an understanding of how they work to potentially reduce leaky gut and shore up immune health.  According to the Harvard and Stanford University-educated biochemical scientists at the helm of Greenteaspoon, "Prebiotics may be one of the best kept secrets in the supplementation space."

Preliva®, the clinically proven prebiotic in Goodgut, provides complete support of the human digestive system, or "microbiome," and can dramatically reduce digestive distress.  It also can be especially helpful for those managing digestive challenges seeking a new solution in their local supplement aisle.

Recent scientific research has demonstrated a link between a leaky gut lining and gut inflammation, which can potentially impact wellness longevity and play a vital role in the development, or prevention, of a host of chronic systemic human illnesses and disease processes.  The team behind Goodgut believes that prebiotics may play an integral part in solving this problem and are excited about the rapidly developing R&D progress within the microbiome field.

"The Goodgut product line was borne from leading edge biochemical science and our personal passion to refine and market a polyphenol prebiotic offering that could be transformational to the microbiome, as well as to human digestive health as a whole," said Rob Wotring, CEO of Greenteaspoon, Inc.  "The gut is connected to nearly every aspect of human health, and we believe our products have the power to fundamentally transform lives."

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[1] Survey Monkey, Goodgut® Consumer Purchase Intent Study, 2016

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