CHC Wellbeing Announces 36-Month Performance Guarantee Program for Reducing Benchmark Wellbeing Risks

09:30 EDT 9 Aug 2017 | Businesswire
CHC Wellbeing

CHC Wellbeing today announced it is offering a performance guarantee program that provides clients with an unprecedented ability to hold CHC accountable for the results of its wellbeing strategies. The organization is committing to lowering benchmark wellbeing risks for clients by at least 20 percent within a 36-month period or returning 20 percent of total fees for failing to meet the goal.

“There is far too much noise and uncertainty for employers who are trying to improve the wellbeing of their populations, so we’re simplifying things by making a promise and standing behind it,” said Shaun Jacob, President of CHC Wellbeing. “Transparency and accountability are core values for CHC, and this program is a testament to our commitment in these areas. We believe in our ability to go beyond wellness to true potential. We will deliver results, and if we don’t, we will deliver refunds.”

CHC’s evidence-based wellbeing strategies are aimed at reducing benchmark wellbeing risks, which were established by the University of Michigan. After analyzing 40 years of research and over 4 million healthcare claims, these risks are the gold standard when gauging the effectiveness of wellbeing strategies because of their direct impact on costs and productivity.

With over a decade of data that shows CHC consistently reduces benchmark wellbeing risks, the company feels confident that it can meet the requirements of the new performance guarantee with each and every client.

“We have a proprietary, scientifically valid formula for reducing benchmark risks,” said Jacob. “Marrying that with our ability to customize our strategy as needed for each client’s unique needs, we have a powerful approach that produces predictable outcomes.”

Typical guarantee programs have offered reduced risk for clients in exchange for a financial bonus for achieving specific goals. CHC chose not to include additional financial incentives for its own benefit when structuring its guarantee program.

“If we do our job, we get paid for the work we’ve done, and if we don’t, we will return a significant amount of that money right back,” said Jacob. “This program has been specifically structured to reduce financial risk and offer peace of mind to clients. We believe this is the most aggressive and attractive offer in the market.”

CHC works nationally in support of more than 400 clients across multiple industries. Based in Chicago, the organization maintains a substantial commitment to economic growth and community engagement at the local level.

CHC’s performance guarantee program is available immediately to new clients. For more information on CHC and its wellbeing strategies, please visit

About CHC Wellbeing

CHC Wellbeing goes beyond wellness to true potential, helping individuals excel in every facet of their lives: physically, emotionally, socially and financially. Our evidence-based wellbeing strategies reduce benchmark wellbeing risks, while shaping a culture of organizational trustworthiness and embedding a state of personal wellbeing. We help organizations reduce costs, improve productivity and nurture an environment where people do their best work. Learn how you can reach your true potential by visiting

For further information regarding this release or CHC Wellbeing, contact Shaun Jacob at

CHC Wellbeing
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