Research Supports Compassionate New Biopsy Approach for Women's Health in Cervical Cancer Prevention

06:21 EDT 9 Aug 2017 | PR Newswire

ANAHEIM, Calif., Aug. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study compares new, safe, single-use disposable biopsy curettes tipped with a medical fabric (Kylon®) with the pre-existing reusable metal sharp curettes.  Dr. Justin Diedrich at UC Riverside School of Medicine and co- investigators Drs. Sumra Rathore and Joel Bentz, leading pathologists from Aurora Diagnostics, Palm Beach, Florida, have published a large study regarding over 10,000 colposcopy workups after abnormal Pap Smears and Human Papillomavirus testing in the July Issue of the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease (published ahead of print).  

Dr. Diedrich stated, "Our study proved the new brushes are superior in tissue yield with which the colonoscopists discovered a disease that the older devices missed." The FDA registered and compliant device under study, the "Soft-ECC®", its sister cervical biopsy product the "SoftBiopsy®" and the "Spirabrush CX®" bristle brush cervical biopsy device are manufactured by Histologics LLC, a medical device company also devoted to designing and marketing patient-friendly "tissue based technologies to save lives, worldwide" for Gynecology and other specialties, according to its founder, inventor of its technologies, and its CEO, Dr. Neal Lonky.,

A prior published randomized trial proved the fabric biopsy devices were less traumatic regarding pain and bleeding while remaining accurate.  Dr. Marc Winter, lead investigator, and his large group practice located in Orange County CA continue to use these devices and state they offer a "gentle approach" during colposcopy, a magnified exam of the cervix and lower genital tract done after abnormal Pap smear or Human Papilloma Virus tests.

"We need to take more samples to be accurate and evaluate the canal of the cervix to be thorough, but until now the existing metal/reusable surgical tools made it difficult due to pain and bleeding. Having compassionate yet effective tools change the game, and we converted long ago to this method. Single-use disposable devices prevent the risk of cross contamination compared to recycling metal re-usable surgical tools," according to Dr. Winter.

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