LifeFolder launches chatbot to help people with end of life planning in Indiana

02:22 EDT 10 Aug 2017 | PR Newswire

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Nothing unites us as much as the inevitability of death, and yet, more than two thirds of Americans haven't planned for what they want at the end of their lives. That's the problem LifeFolder ( is solving with its free Facebook Messenger bot, Emily ( The bot outlines and explains the decisions a user has to make, and helps people complete the relevant legal paperwork to prepare for end of life.

The bot assists in the creation of three important documents. The first is a Health Proxy nomination. This is a document that selects who you want to speak for you in case you are unable to make your wishes known. Second is a set of priorities and wishes, set out in an Advance Directive: It outlines what you do and don't want from your health care. Finally, an organ donation statement to opt in or out of organ and tissue donation. For each of these documents, Emily talks customers through the pros and cons, and helps make these very difficult conversations easier.

Not just for the old and the sick, the company is encouraging healthy people to start thinking about their wishes and priorities, too, pointing out that unexpected health complications or accidents can happen quickly. The emotional and financial cost of being ill-prepared can be tremendous.

A conversation with Emily mirrors a conversation you would have with a trained nurse. If you are very well informed about the topics involved, you can skip through sections of the conversation quickly.

"We've tested our bot Emily with hundreds of people so far. The response has been overwhelmingly positive," says Haje Jan Kamps, CEO of LifeFolder. "We were worried that perhaps people wouldn't be ready to talk to a chatbot about a topic as sensitive as death, but instead, we found the opposite. Chatbots are particularly good at not being judgmental, and being extremely patient."

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