Mercodia Glucagon ELISA kit

20:00 EDT 17 Aug 2017 | Australian Life Scientist

Research has shown that an insulin/beta cell-centric focus on glycaemic control and diabetes is somewhat simplistic, as is the case for other conditions that involve disturbances in glucose metabolism and fasting hyperglucogonemia. Glucagon has been difficult to measure in the past due to multiple analytical obstacles.

Mercodia provides a sensitive and precise glucagon ELISA kit to examine physiological changes in glucagon, GLP-1 actions, therapies to suppress glucagon for T1DM and T2DM, glucagon analogues, renal disease and more. It is claimed to be the most sensitive glucagon assay on the market at 1.5 pmol/L.

The kit requires a low 25 µL sample volume, enabling the user to conserve important samples. No purification or pretreatment of samples is necessary. It is highly specific for glucagon, with little to no cross-reactivity to other pro-glucagon-derived peptides.

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