T3 Labs sets gold standard in preclinical testing for CorAmi

12:57 EDT 17 Aug 2017 | Georgia Bio

With preclinical help from T3 Labs and the support of experts within the Atlanta medtech ecosystem, Dr. Rebecca Levit and her team is revolutionizing drug delivery for Atrial Fibrillation.

Dr. Rebecca Levit

Dr. Levit is Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and adjunct faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is also the Chief Scientific Officer of CorAmi Therapeutics. CorAmi is working in partnership with Emory University to develop a combination hydrogel delivery catheter and therapeutic hydrogel focused on cardiac applications, leading with a treatment for AF.

Dr. Levit engaged regional medtech industry resources early in order to streamline the considerable developmental pathway for a Class III device: including GCMI and its subsidiary T3 Labs.

Medtech innovation requires a healthy ecosystem
“The resources here are endless,” she says. “Between meetings with multiple electrophysiologists from Emory and PhDs from Georgia Tech, administrative support and animal study expertise at T3, guidance from the Emory/Georgia Tech Coulter Translational Partnership Fund, working with SEMDA, securing office space at GCMI (not to mention utilizing their fabrication equipment), and funding from multiple organizations, there must be more than 100 people in this area who have touched this product. Needless to say, we are appreciative of the ecosystem!”

Team testing the CorAmi device in the T3 Labs Cathlab (from L to R) : Dr. Gautam Kumar, Dr. Andres Garcia, Peter Campbell, Juline Deppen, Dr. Jose Garcia, Dr. Rebecca Levit

What would you tell a physician innovator in your position when you started?
“Other physician innovators should understand the work it is going to take and that there are some elements that no one can do for you. They can’t write the grant, present the poster or network with people. It takes time and you need to be willing to give that time up. It also takes an ecosystem. This is not at all possible without a healthy medtech development ecosystem. Know that medtech innovation is impossible to do by yourself.”

You can read the full story here.

If you are a physician innovator, researcher, or medical device company of any size, and want to bring your new product to life as efficiently as possible, T3 Labs and GCMI can help from concept to cure through design & development, preclinical testing, bioskills training to commercialization. Contact us today. 

The photo of Dr. Rebecca Levit, as well as the CorAmi catheter, were taken by Emory Photo.

Original Article: T3 Labs sets gold standard in preclinical testing for CorAmi


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