Zebrafish Avatars Predict Tumor Response to Therapy

04:02 EDT 22 Aug 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Cancer chemotherapeutic agents are developed and approved largely on the back of studies that demonstrate an average efficacy and safety across possibly thousands of patients. Even for emerging biomarker-driven treatments there’s still no guarantee that every matched tumor will respond in the same way to the same therapy. The situation becomes even more complicated when treating metastatic tumors, for which therapeutic guidelines may indicate that there are a number of possible approaches, each with similar average response rates. The upshot is that individual patients will often have to undergo multiple rounds of treatment on a trial-and-error basis. Ideally it would be possible to screen individual tumors for response to different treatments so that the best therapeutic approach can be identified in advance for each patient. The current gold standard for personalized screening involves directly transplanting primary tumors into immunocompromised mice, waiting for the tumors to grow, and using ...

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