European Court Sides with Italian Farmer Pushing GM Crops

09:11 EDT 14 Sep 2017 | Meridian Institute

The European Court of Justice this week ruled in favor of an Italian farmer who defied his country’s laws by planting genetically modified (GM) corn. Giorgio Fidenato had been prosecuted in Italy for cultivating the corn on his land, with the Italian government saying such crops could endanger human health. Fidenato said he had planted the GM corn because it requires fewer chemicals than traditional crops and produces higher yields. The European Court said Italy has no right to ban GM crops given there is no scientific reason for doing so. The Court noted that the European Commission, in 1998, authorized the use of the very GM seeds planted by Fidenato, finding, "no reason to believe that that product would have any adverse effects on human health or the environment." Following the ruling, Fidenato expressed satisfaction, saying he and other farmers involved in the suit finally feel as if justice is on their side.

Original Article: European Court Sides with Italian Farmer Pushing GM Crops


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