Caris Life Sciences Files Patent Infringement Suit vs. Foundation Medicine

05:57 EST 8 Nov 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Caris Life Sciences has sued Foundation Medicine in federal court, accusing the company of infringing on five Caris patents in the development of its cancer assays FoundationOne ® , FoundationACT ® , and FoundationOne ® Heme. “As a result of Defendant’s infringement and the threat of its continued infringement, Caris faces a substantial risk of irreparable harm,” Caris stated in its 28-page complaint , filed yesterday in U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Boston Division. At issue in the lawsuit are five Caris patents covering the company’s system of performing molecular profiling of tumors to identify treatment options based on groups of molecular targets not traditionally or conventionally associated with various types of cancer: U.S. Patent No. 8,880,350 (the “‘350 patent”), “System and Method for Determining Individualized Medical Intervention for a Disease State,” which uses the molecular targets EGFR, KIT, TOP1, MLH1, ...

Original Article: Caris Life Sciences Files Patent Infringement Suit vs. Foundation Medicine


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