Unchained Labs Hunky biologic stability measurement system

19:00 EST 8 Nov 2017 | Australian Life Scientist

Unchained Labs has launched Hunky, a complete solution for quantifying biologic stability and predicting aggregation.

The product measures determined biologic stability by measuring ΔG, the amount of energy it takes to unfold a protein, letting scientists quantify exactly how much denatured protein they have in their samples. Its hands-off workflow and automated data analysis lets scientists see even small differences in their protein’s stability.

Aggregation is a problem that usually shows up after it’s too late. Hunky solves this by measuring ΔG at high and low protein concentrations to predict whether a protein aggregates from the native or denatured state. Scientists will know they have an aggregation problem right away and get insight on what they should do next.

Original Article: Unchained Labs Hunky biologic stability measurement system


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