BestCholine Launches To Promote Choline: The Forgotten but Essential Nutrient

03:00 EST 9 Nov 2017 | PR Web

Choline is the essential nutrient responsible for brain development, memory and intelligence. 90% of Americans are deficient.

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) November 09, 2017

Choline is the forgotten essential nutrient. This is in part because choline is the newest essential nutrient to be added to the list, joining more commonly known essential vitamins like Folic Acid and B-Complex. Choline is the essential nutrient responsible for brain development during pregnancy and contributes to intelligence and memory capacity throughout life.

BestCholine is founded by Sarah Kline (formerly Ware) as a way to help ward off problems and diseases contributed by choline deficiencies. Kline recently stepped down as CEO of popular influencer network, Markerly, to pursue this new endeavor. As CEO of Markerly, Kline oversaw non-profit and for-profit campaigns launched to help improve public health with great results.

"When I became pregnant I began researching the nutrients I needed to take so that my child's brain would develop at it's optimal potential. That's when I discovered that choline is the essential nutrient responsible for brain development, yet no prenatal vitamins contain the 550mg daily value. My research spiraled from there and I realized it's a public health concern. I can't even find this essential nutrient in my local grocery stores!"

Choline consumption is especially critical during pregnancy since the brain is forming. Choline deficiencies are linked to ADHD, Autism, and 25% of neural tube defects. Deficiencies also contribute to non-neurological problems, such as cleft palate and heart defects.

The importance of choline extends well beyond pregnancy and into old age. Choline is a neurotransmitter and is responsible for how well the brain functions throughout life. Adults that suffer from a foggy memory or inability to concentrate are most likely starved of this essential nutrient. Children and adolescents that consume choline report better grades and increased concentration.

Nicknamed the "memory vitamin", choline consumption can also prevent devastating diseases associated with memory loss, such as Alzheimers and dementia. Choline deficiencies are also responsible for organ failure, specifically with the liver. This is because choline is the essential nutrient responsible for transporting fats away from the liver. Recent research has also shown that choline helps to reduce breast cancer risk, as well as decrease mortality rate for those diagnosed.

"Once I learned about all the aspects in which choline is essential for our brain and body health, I was genuinely saddened that the general population isn't educated about it. That's when I realized we have an even bigger problem - choline is an essential nutrient, and I can't even find it at my Whole Foods," says Kline.

"I've always been passionate about education and health and I just had to see what would happen if I was able to bring more attention to this essential nutrient. Currently 90% of Americans are deficient. What if I could help reduce that number by half, or more? How would increased choline during utero affect future generations? How would it help those entering into old age and worried about memory loss?" She asks.

Kline is committed to educating the general population about the importance of choline for optimal brain and physical health. Learn more about BestCholine by visiting BestCholine is currently selling choline capsules for one-time purchase as well as on a subscription basis.

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