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22:10 EST 9 Nov 2017 | BioNow

Is this you? You are a growing life science research organisation, probably using Microsoft Excel and perhaps other tools to capture, manage, share and analyse different types of data across the business and with external collaborators. You have data here, some data there, but none of it contextualised or centralised. There is no 'real' data strategy as such. Aside from people, data is the biggest asset of a research organisation and yet, unless the data is accessible, in the right format, at the right time and place and contextualised for it to be meaningful, it is almost useless. LabKey Can Help - and it is FREE ! Perhaps if I explain a little about LabKey. We’re a small, privately-owned company, HQ’d in Seattle, US, and I run the European operation, based outside of London. We’re a custom data informatics solution provider that was spun out of the Fred Hutch Cancer almost 15 years ago. Our goal is simple, to expedite and accelerate therapeutic discovery and development by enabling scientists and researchers to focus on the science, by eliminating challenges they face with data management, analysis and collaboration within their research environments. Our core offering, LabKey Server, is an enterprise-quality, freely accessible, open source software toolkit, that is modular, therefore, highly configurable, scalable and extensible. It is deployed in over 250 commercial research environments around the world to solve all manner of different informatics issues, from data integration, workflow, visualisation, querying, security and collaboration, export and reporting. It is very versatile. What is your data challenge and desired outcome? Typical data sets include: patient, demographic, longitudinal clinical data, specimen / samples, experimental assay data - all these can be seamlessly integrated into one data grid. Typical use cases include (but are not limited to):1. Integration / analysis of patient, phenotype, clinical, specimen, assay and omics data - as used in the Genomics England, ‘100,000 Genomes Project’2. Secure role-based, permissioned access to sensitive and / or de-identified data3. Facilitates open science through collaborative data sharing and publication4. Management / analysis of electronic health data / records (NLP abstraction)5. Specific functional capabilities (ELN, LIMS, biorepository)6. Workflow management, pipeline management, integration, analysis, report & export7. Geared towards ANY life science informatics data challengeDownload LabKey Server FREE today from this link: For those involved in molecular biology research, in 2015 we were approached by Just Therapeutics to extend LabKey Server to exploit its powerful data management resources and to overlay the ability to allow biologists to register new molecular entities, be it, cell lines, expression systems, sequences, vectors and such like. The tool then offers resources that allow samples associated with those entities and corresponding experimental assay data to be seamlessly integrated. Again the tool is configurable to meet the specific workflow and data needs you may have. See LabKey Biologics for more information. My intention here is merely to connect and make you aware of this tremendous resource that can revolutionise your data management and reveal insights previously unrealised. Please take a look at us at and LabKey Biologics and if I can help in any way, be sure to contact me at Best wishes, Jason

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